The new electric Roadster Infiniti exactly one chair. But what!

These days it is best to sell the crossovers and SUVs, it becomes obvious that many people simply do not believe that in a regular sedan will get everything they need. But if you look in General, cars are all the same size that it was. Monsters of the past decades was replaced by a more compact model, but now the trend seems to say, “the more, the better.”

A new prototype electric car from Infiniti — Prototype 10 — is to the contrary. No interior he is, in fact, not. It is simply a four-wheeled electric rocket or a race car that was built with a single purpose: to enjoy the ride.

Rocket from Infiniti this is not the BMW X6

“Infiniti Prototype 10 repeats the layout and design of some of the most spectacular cars of all time when power can be enjoyed in single sports car,” says chief design Director Karim Habib Infiniti. “Our new concept says about the future-electric, partially reflected in its form and details. Remarkably, we find inspiration in optimistic and already a bygone era, which was characterized by a simple love of driving.”

Since it’s a prototype, the car does not need anything except a cool appearance and he easily copes with it. Outwardly, it resembles natural evolution of the old racing cars of the 1950-ies. However, it is electric, and it is important for the development of the automotive industry as a whole. And despite the fact that Infiniti will not produce this model, it alludes to future changes in the design of the brand.

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