The new Bitcoin rally to be, but when? Response the CEO of BitPay

Chief operating officer of the international Bitcoin payments BitPay Sonny Singh spoke with Bloomberg. He assured that he is not worried about the recent drop in prices and market capitalization of the stock market. Experts believe that the rate of Bitcoin will reach 15-20 thousand for 2019. This is due to the launch of cryptocurrency products to large institutional financial institutions.

The market will respond ballroom projects Fidelity, Bakkt, Square and Blackrock

In his interview, Singh spoke about the inexpediency of permanent surveillance of prices, because everything important happens behind the scenes. Moreover, most major investors view the crypt as a long-term investment with a period of 3-5 years. In his opinion, to the arrival on the market of large institucionales do not expect any significant movements in the value of BTC up or down.

As an example, he cited Finance company Fidelity, which announced the launch of kryptovaci focused on custodial services and execution of transactions. As Newsbtc writes, Sonny Singh also mentioned future products Bakkt, Square and Blackrock as potential triggers of the upcoming bullrun.

As for the negative comments of the CEO of J. P. Morgan and Jamie Daimon about cryptocurrency, Singh assured that J. P. Morgan is still not going anywhere, especially after Fidelity found the market and demand for such products. At the moment, the cryptocurrency market is very unstable. Many attribute the fall to the recent hardforum Bitcoin Cash, after which the community was divided into two warring camps. War of Harrachov ended with the victory of the newly formed coins BCHABC.

Recall, despite confidence in the durability of Bitcoin, Sonny Singh cannot predict the future of altcoins. Main the coin it somehow compared with the 800-pound gorilla. More data look at cryptodata.

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