The new application uses the feature of Face ID to play music by waving hands

Follow a new app called AirSynth a fun system camera Face ID TrueDepth available in a series of iPhone X. Users simply waving their hands to the top of the phone screen to the musical rhythms.

It’s a simple and fun for a certain type of data that can be obtained from the cameras TrueDepth infrared.

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Obviously the camera TrueDepth provide more accurate data, where it’s already rated depth using the projector and points of IR. This means that you can control the sound more accurately.

The app is very simple and includes the perception of the hands in the background. All you have to do is raise your hands in front of the device and start the game sounds. Buy application many tools for the synthesis of different images.

Application of the AirSynth is compatible with iPhone X, iPhone XS iPhone XR, 2018 iPad Pro. You can buy the app from the App Store vs $ 1.99.

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