The new application allows users to run Windows 95 on computers

The company launched the Microsoft many copies of different Windows, only to Felx Rieseberg developer, application Messaging, encrypted Slack, starting the new application allows users to run Windows 95 on all devices Windows, Mac and Linux, which users can get a cross-platform GitHub.

According to the published site engadget American appears application size is about 129 MB, and need space up to 200 MB of memory RAM, and when running at full capacity, extensions, apps, and games, it is considered a suitable opportunity to enjoy the Windows 95, including the Minesweeper, which was a challenge a fun time, as applications can be run easily, such as WordPad and MS Paint وMinesweeper within the app.

dimsIt uses Windows 95 right now as a benchmark to demonstrate the ability of modern hardware to run on any system, for example, was running on the Xbox One, smart watches such as Apple Watch, Android Wear, and the experiences of developers and hobbyists in that area.

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