The new Apple campus is a serious drawback

Since January of this year, some employees of Apple went to work in the new Apple campus Park, which was built for several years and has the appearance of a “spaceship”. It would seem, is the perfect place to work, however, there were among the staff and those who prefer to work in the old campus.

The reason was simple — the majority of employees at Apple Park have to work in the so-called “openspace”, that is in the same room can be assembled several dozens of workers, writes the WSJ. The fact that in the design process of the campus architects have left at least offices — they can boast only top managers and it leadership.

Interestingly, Apple at the time drew attention to the problem and took the decision on construction on campus separate buildings for developers of processors.

It was planned that staff felt more freely, moving around the building and not making unnecessary stops to open a door or turns a corner. However, in fact led to the fact that several groups of workers have to work literally at the same table. This has involved staff members from different departments.

Another problem is the new office affected a large number of transparent walls and doors. Since January, there were several cases where employees did not notice the vertical glass surfaces, leading to injury. Two cases were serious enough to call an ambulance.

For the construction of the campus spent more than $ 5 billion.

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