The new app from Google will teach your children to read English

Give your child a phone or tablet has become the norm and the cliches about the irresponsibility of parents who enjoy their children, are not acceptable. The fact that the norms of correct handling of the device is already in the DNA of today’s children, and therefore, it is possible to benefit. For example, if you slip the child an educational program that playfully train his account or reading, as, for example, a new app from Google called Rivet.

How to learn to read English

For design, Rivet is intended for children who are just beginning to learn reading in their native (in this case English). But despite the lack of application of the Russian language, it is perfect as a tool for learning English. In the end, every parent wants his child to know as many languages and found his future vocation in life.

Rivet has more than two thousand books for children picked up so that even children who are not native speakers of English were able to use them to learn to read. For convenience, all books are cataloged and divided into categories. Rivet includes adventure works, stories about animals, about cars, holidays, science stories, tales and much more. In short, find something even your picky.

Application for learning English

The training is based on the classic for this type of application principle. First, a child chooses a book to taste and on the screen one at a time begin to appear of the proposal. Before you start reading, you can listen to it entirely or play each word individually. This possibility will be very helpful to those who are only familiar with the English language.

Simply scroll will not work. Each sentence must be spoken by pressing record. If the words are uttered incorrectly, you will need to reread again. Due to the lack in the application of the Russian language, you may need to help the child with the translation of difficult words. However, particularly independent can take up a dictionary and seek definitions on their own.

In the end the child will be rewarded. For success in training he will be assigned special icons and open access to mini-games. And then the child will be able to Express their attitude to the read, considering the book with emojis.

Due to the fact that the application of Rivet yet officially available on the Russian market, you can install on your device the APK file. He checked for viruses and completely safe.

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Application: Rivet: Better Reading Practice
Developer: Area 120
Category: Books & reference
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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