The neural network of Yandex, wrote a piece for Symphony orchestra. And it will soon fulfill

We have already seen what they are capable of a neural network, including the creation of real human faces. But that’s not the end — applications of neural networks is much broader than we think. So, the specialists of Yandex have developed a neural network that was able to write a piece for Symphony orchestra with solo viola. And this work will be executed.

The work, which lasts 8 minutes, was created in collaboration with composer Kuzma Bodrov. For writing plays, the neural network was trained using the recordings of various composers of classical music, including Bach. By the way, the experience of the developers of the neural network is already there: a couple of years ago, they have been able to record using this technology is a musical album in the style of the group “Civil defense”.

Of course, the neural network did not write the whole play. Alas, about 90 % of the material, which she created, and was not included in the final version. A large part of the work was done by the composer: that he was listening to the generated melodic lines and did a full orchestration. However, it may already become a great help in the creation of works, because works of music, usually what is lacking is a small piece of a melody or of a chord.

Written work will be performed in the closing of the international Winter arts festival in Sochi. It will play the state Symphony orchestra “New Russia” under control of Yury Bashmet — he will play the party solo viola.

In 2017 , the robot played the role of conductor of the Symphony orchestra. Supervised performance robot YuMi, developed by experts of the Swiss company ABB. In an unusual speech came to see more than 800 people from different countries. Still, not every day on the stage of the famed theatre near the legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli waving the wand-wielding two-handed machine.

It would be interesting to see how the neural network automatically creates a work, and the conductor helps the orchestra to perform it (and there are already robots will learn to play musical instruments). Such development is already there: for example, the computing cluster Lamus able to generate a musical work as a whole.

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