The Network was first spotted Apple’s new iOS 13

Apple, apparently, has started the active phase of testing iOS 13. On it informs edition Bloomberg, citing a notable increase of visits to the resource from devices running iOS 13. This practice is not new – every year the company performs internal testing of a new mobile operating system. The majority of devices out to the Internet directly from Cupertino.

According to foreign publications, the first iOS 13 began to appear online in October. However, the greatest surge of activity was seen in mid-December, gradually decreasing by the end of the year. Most likely, the work on the new mobile operating system will be after the holidays.

Apple always begins the testing phase of its operating system long before its first screening to the public. Thus, the employees promptly identify any critical errors and omissions related to the operation of wireless networks, the browser of the mobile communication module.

According to reports, the main innovation iOS 13 will be completely redesigned. The operating system for the first time since iOS 7 will have a significant interface changes. It is expected that the company will recycle the Desk, change the logic of interaction with him, and will also make it more functional. Instead of the usual icons, the user will find a special interactive widgets. The system also will debut new gestures for more intuitive interaction with the updated elements.

By tradition, the next version of the mobile operating system Apple should be displayed in the middle of this year. In all likelihood it will happen at the conference for developers WWDC 2019.

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