The network difficulty of Bitcoin has set a new record

Hasrat, Bitcoin has reached a record high in June. The increasing complexity of mining major cryptocurrencies experts pushing for a new bullish forecasts. This writes Bitcoinist.

Mine Bitcoin even harder

According, Hasrat network of Bitcoin continues to grow steadily to 2018. It seems that the fall in the price of the cryptocurrency did not deter miners from increasing their capacity. This month, the network difficulty of Bitcoin has already managed to grow by 15 percent.

Former trader on wall street Max Keiser States that the price of the crypts will soon follow hasraton. He holds this opinion from the time when Bitcoin was worth just three dollars.

Contrary to the actual bearish trend, cryptocurrency is gaining more fundamental reasons for investing. Due to a sharp increase in the number of nod Lightning Network Commission, the network of Bitcoin falls to record low values. We will remind, since April, the network Lightning Network is running more nodes than in the whole system of Bitcoin Cash.

To assess the scale Lightning Network, you can use the service At 2257 the active nodes, the total network turnover exceeded 145 000 dollars.

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