The Netflix service supports the ability to run HD content and HDR on the Galaxy Note 9


In our review fast phone Galaxy Note 9, we have explained you how to let the phone display the content of the HDR-style range of phones, Samsung and other leading. The good news for those who are looking to buy a phone, it seems that the Galaxy Note 9 will make the experience of watching movies and series on the Netflix service even more amazing because of the fact that this service supports the possibility to watch content in HD resolution and HDR on the phone Gaalxy Note 9.

This according to the recipe Help Center on the official website to buy Netflix, where were included the Galaxy Note 9 under sections HD and HDR. We assume that it was safe to assume that phone a pilot such as the Galaxy Note 9 will be adopted, but it is good to know that it was officially.

The devices list is very long, so if you have a phone or tablet running Android and want to know if it was supported or not, you can look at the menu yourself. In the meantime, does not represent all of the Netflix HD and HDR the only things that are supported by Galaxy Note 9. During a presentation for Samsung, the company reported how the phone with the standards of the YouTube Signature Device.

In case you haven’t heard about YouTube Signature Device before, they are a new initiative from YouTube, which occur mainly smart phones that make sure they offer the best viewing experience for videos youtube, despite her confession that this is about marketing more than anything else.



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