The National Security Agency NSA wants to end comprehensive program to collect data to mobile phones

Women use mobile application software on smartphone phone

According to a new report released recently, it appears that the NSA has recommended the White House to end its comprehensive programme to collect data from the phones in the United States of America. Reportedly, the agency believes that this program, which combines the metadata in text messages and phone calls, it became too exhausting to continue the work.

I’ve heard of the Wall Street Journal America from its own sources that the NSA supports the now terminated this program a huge collection of data. However, the final decision rests with the White House which will take the final decision on whether it will put forward new legislation will expand the scope of the legal authority for the program, which is usually referred to as Section 215 or not.

Maybe I didn’t decide the White House until now. what will he do about this program, at least according to the report, did not respond to any report about this issue until now. The recommendation of the National Security Agency comes after reports earlier reported that the agency is considering abandoning the program due to a variety of technical difficulties. Another report said also that the program was not used during the past six months.

There have been some efforts by lawmakers who want to end this program. Move a group of lawmakers from the bipartisan bill does not terminate the program, but giving the National Security Agency also re-run it again.


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