The national cryptocurrency of Turkey turned out to be a Scam

Turkish “national” cryptocurrency Turcoin was a classic pyramid scheme. The creators of “alternative” digital currency left the country with millions of dollars of defrauded investors. The company behind the development of the token stopped paying dividends in June. It is reported by Bitcoin.

National cryptocurrency Scam

Turcoin was advertised as a “Bitcoin killer”. Ahead of the main cryptocurrency alithinou and failed – the developers of the coins just disappeared with the money of his investors. The creation Turcoin had a company Hipper A. Ş, founded by Muhammad Satiroglu and Sadun Kaya.

The principle of “national cryptocurrencies” are painfully familiar. Every new member of the network pays money to those who registered them in the system. Accordingly, for profit needed to attract new referrals. In the end, the financial pyramid collapsed, and its founders left the country.

While Turcoin received much attention from the press last year. The developers organized events, which visited well-known Turkish celebrities. In Hipper even played 20 luxury cars among the early investors coins.

The project ceased to pay dividends to investors in early June. Desperate investors are trying to get through to head office in Istanbul. The website Hipper still works and offers the services of cloud mining.

According to local media, the leadership of the Hipper left the country with one billion Turkish liras, which is equivalent to 200 million dollars. Many investors promised unconditional monthly income equivalent to $ 50 for contribution in the amount of $ 300. After no response from the company angry investors smashed the Hipper branch in Kocaeli.

One of the founders of the cryptocurrency Muhammad Satiroglu rejects charges in the address. He claims to blame his partner, Sadun Kaya, who disappeared from the country with all the money. Satiroglu even joined a criminal claim against Charlie.

I was only a middleman. The company does not have a single dollar in the Bank. All the money was secretly transferred to the accounts of Kaya in Cyprus.

According to local press reports, Kaia refuses from put forward against him. The businessman promised to compensate all the losses of investors as soon as the Turkish authorities unfreeze his Bank accounts.

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