The Motorola Razr is coming by new, improved

It was the Motorola Razr, the classic one of the most prominent phones in the era when it was launched in 2004, marked the design of its clamshell structure of aluminum sleek and slim, it seems that Lenovo is working on a return in a new form soon.

Coming to Motorola Razr New such as a smartphone screen is flexible and can be folded inwards, which looks like a Galaxy F coming soon from Samsung.

Probably refers to choose Lenovo phone launch by folding under the sign of the Razr that it would be retractable vertically to keep the idea of the phone psoriatic and classic.

This has been reported by the report of the Wall Street that phone Razr New May up to world markets by next month priced at$ 1,500, the equivalent of 5630 SAR, to make 200,000 units only.

Recall that Samsung is planning to launch the phone by folding with the Galaxy S10 or at the Mobile World Congress, on Wednesday 20 February or the last week of February.

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