The most successful startups in the food area of the state of Kuwait

Try Kuwait are the other dilemma count on Big Oil in their income, a move day after day to areas of technology in the Middle East.

Going to the state of Kuwait on the road to instill the ideologies of Silicon Valley in order to achieve its Central, has made the local government to lend a helping hand in making the rich country less dependent on Black Gold.

It is expected that the private sector plays a leading role in shaping the economy which creates jobs for the next intake of young people, and coincides also with the government’s agenda to make Kuwait, the capital of food in the world by 2030.

To achieve this mission, will lead a large part of the companies food technology startups, accelerators work, food, schools cooking and the organization of conferences related to this primary goal.

Follow-up companies emerging in the Middle East and North Africa have their Kuwait food industry which is the link right, especially since there are companies emerging there succeeded in achieving great successes at the level of the region and the world.

Let’s look at this article to learn the most successful startups in the field of food of the state of Kuwait.

  • Company requests

The location of the largest online companies in the Middle East which was acquired as a whole, where the Kuwaiti companies that have been acquired and the second largest company in the Middle East and North Africa.

The company started in 2004 by Abdul Aziz age, and after covering most of the Middle East and North Africa (Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia), the group acquired the e-commerce of the German Rocket Internet in 2015.

  • Company Carriage

The story of the Carriage is not known to many, as is the case with requests, but Kuwait is only the second I got a big company, after more than two years did not experience Kuwait any acquisition on the company, its arising, since the acquisition of the company Talabat in 2015, it was the deal of the acquisition of this company worth $ 100 million, an indication that Kuwait has a company due to an impressive and very attractive.

This is not surprising, the fact the company was bought out after just 15 months (it was founded in March 2016 – was captured in June 2017) and its capital is $ 1.3 million is spent in the Recruitment Team, Marketing Team, customer service, accountants, programmers, in addition to expenditure on a number of bikes, to be prepared in advance only.

The company was founded on the Have Abdullah Al-Mutawa, the history and will Al-Mutawa, and Khalid Al-Qabandi, and Jonathan Lao in short, the company successfully and that big, which is rare in this sector.

Offer Place delivery services to restaurants and food requested by the customer. Today, it takes less than 30 minutes to be delivered and Carriage to the work of KD, one for each request, regardless of location or volume demand. As the company began emerging in the submission of supplements and health groceries and flowers, and it now has more than 500 employees non-driver with thousands of vehicles.

What makes the acquisition of Carriage unique is that it is very rare that the company collects $ 1.3 million and you get $ 100 million, and that too in a short period of time.

According to CrunchBase the old, the emerging companies on average receive funding of $ 30 million to be acquired for $ 100 million and do so within 7 years almost.

  • Company Bilbayt

Was launched in 2014 by Ahmed Salama and Nice between Vanessa and Al-Awadhi, and Bilbayt catering services in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

Was launched with the aim of achieving greater transparency and bridging the information gap, which was at that time fixed in the models to provide traditional food in Kuwait, but the trio of founders have succeeded in simplifying the process of cooking cumbersome and extended, typically, to something as simple as just ordering food online.

Meet the basic system to meet the needs of today’s consumer to add the culinary diversity to their social, connects individuals and businesses with retailers and food and various drinks, which cover the buffet food presentation, and evaluation of a cocktail, and live cooking trucks food as well. The company entered the emerging to the United Arab Emirates in late 2016 has seen tremendous growth, against the background of constant demand since then.

The location of today the company specializes in providing food companies such as Clinton Street Baking Company and Jones The Grocer, and Shakespeare and Co and Wingsters and services to major companies, banking and other agreements among its partners.

  • Company Gourmet ME

Is another startup company in the field of Food Technology, pay to the government agenda to make Kuwait, the capital of food in the world by 2030.

Launched in February 2016, by Hadi, left, and Saud al-fawzaan and Marwan Knight a grocery store, gourmet online, selling everything from groceries to pastries to seafood.

The company started with a capital of 50 thousand dinars, and not the beginning of a good where the website was not good and customer service was not at the expected level, and of course the work of the founders to improve all of those aspects and improving its services until it became one of the leading startups in the area.

Apart from providing customer support and interact directly with their customers, the Gourmet ME also recommend as the food and trends in the food and beverage industry., the It also offers its services to companies, conferences and major events.

  • Company Pantry Bee

Offering a new concept completely unheard of, which began in November 2016 by Joseph semen, Hind Al-Awadi and iPhone authority, and the delivery of boxes of fresh local ingredients, with Step By Step Guide to help customers to cook their own meals, and a different list of recipes (it can be the ingredients for two families or a whole family) every week, and the delivery of funds within 24 hours via refrigerated trucks.

As soon as the arrival of the food box, all you have to do is cook a meal, and recorded through a user-friendly photo cards instructions attached.

Say the founders, they were arrested in the raid on the marketing program oral, leather, other popular marketing and feel that there is still a lot of space to create brand awareness and development, the focus of the startup is currently on the domestic growth in Kuwait and expand its customer base.

In October 2017 the company managed to get 100 thousand dollars in a financing round, including $ 50 thousand provided by the business accelerator Savour Ventures.


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