The most selling phones in 2017.. Samsung in the article

With the end of the 2017 Assembly in anticipation and waiting for the versions of the phones for 2018, at the same time show the results of the assessments of the phones and brands, which were issued with the beginning of 2017 and the end of it.

Prepared a lot of foreign sites statistics phone sales to 2017, the following are best selling brands in 2017 according to the statistical site “GSM Arena” months, sites technical specialist in the news and reviews for phones and smart devices.

سامسونج تتصدر قائمة الأكثر مبيعاً للهواتف لعام 2017

Samsung in the lead

According to the website the Samsung phones topped the list of best-selling in the world, where he received 35% of the total phone sales globally, followed by phones Shawnee, which won 25% of the total sales, came Nokia ranked third by 15%, and the obtained remaining between all the brands that released phones this year.

سامسونج تتصدر قائمة الأكثر مبيعاً للهواتف لعام 2017

It was expected for Samsung to top the list of best-selling 2017, only the statistics of the best-selling for the first quarter and third of the year was also in the lead, Samsung has partnered with a number of phones in this year, their prices ranged from between high, medium and low, officially phones of all categories of price.

For the versions of Samsung phones in 2017 in the category of price associated with the phage on the top of the list, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 which ranged between 900 and 960 dollars, followed by Samsung Galaxy S8 plus at a price of $ 850, and after the Galaxy S8 at a price of $ 750.

And wrenched the rest of the versions of Samsung phones for 2017 is between $ 700 and even $ 300 for smart phones, the included versions of Samsung phones normal that their prices ranged from between $ 100 and even $ 50.

Shawty pleasant surprise

سامسونج تتصدر قائمة الأكثر مبيعاً للهواتف لعام 2017

For for Shawty this year came within the category of medium enterprises, the company focused on the issuance of smart phones to enjoy the competition among all global brands, by targeting category users in the medium category are often the largest proportion of sales within this category., the Which is exactly what the company managed to achieve proof fabric which won by of sales this year.

The return of the Nokia

سامسونج تتصدر قائمة الأكثر مبيعاً للهواتف لعام 2017

The Nokia phones, it wasn’t a sudden its presence in the list of bestsellers, they have released a range of phones suitable for all categories of users, after released the first phones running Android Nokia 6, followed by the number of versions Nokia 7, Nokia 8.

Adopted Nokia in phones this year to provide the capabilities of running different, for example released a phone Nokia 3 processor MediaTek, while the For Nokia 6 more powerful processor supported. processor running Snapdragon 430 and did not write it for phones 7 and 8.

Find Nokia Phone 7 works processor Snapdragon 650, you OF to upgrade and update the capabilities of the versions followed by the issuance of a Nokia Phone 8, which support the Processor Snapdragon 835, included upgrade possibilities many specifications, and thus each phone was appropriate for a certain class of users as to make the company able to achieve those women.

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