The most prominent new features in the demo version of the operating system iOS 12

This subject highlights new features in the demo version of the operating system iOS 12 appeared on Engadget.

I became a demo version of the operating system of iOS 12 are available today, although the iOS version 12 will be more stable than any beta version of iOS, but it’s still in the experimental stage.

If you would like to install the trial version of iOS the 12, free to you install it on your device or your primary phone, it is better that you install on any iPad or any old phone.

Keep in mind that iOS version 12 with regard to the reform problems and maximize high performance, it hopes that there will be features and new ideas. However, there are a bunch of new and interesting this version, here’s the best of what has been presented:

Feature Memoji and Animoji (iPhone X only)

Think feature Memoji of the best advantages provided by the Apple company, they feature a lovable very. This feature allows users of the iPhone of the industry moving pictures trying to facial expressions and head movements, a feature similar to a large extent with the advantage of Bitmoji custom of snapchat. Also added Apple to feature Animoji some new stuff like dinosaur and the ghost koalas and Cub Tiger.

Feature is available Memoji within the messages application and the application FaceTime, all you have to do is click on the icon of the camera in the messages and identify Memoji or Animoji. He was supposed to not install these features in the camera application itself, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Feature Screen Time

Presented by Apple Inc. the new feature designed to help a feature Screen Time, where this new feature shows the time you spend using each application, as you know, you chart Weekly to use the device within the settings.

And you also have this feature to specify a certain time to use the apps for your kids, and lets you control and follow your children’s use of their device.

Notices best

Try Apple repair way to view and manage notifications with iOS version 12 by showing it in an aggregated way instead of being arranged randomly, you’ll all notices relating to each application in a group with some.

You can also control the notifications through the lock screen, when you press on the notice given will show you a list enables you to ignore the notifications spam by clicking on them and convert them to silent messages to appear on lock screen without any alert.

Feature Voice Memos

Added Apple feature Voice Memos to iPad for the first time, as it also added new controls such as rewind and fast-this in addition to iCloud support so you can access your recordings from any device.

Search in pictures

Added Apple’s new feature in the photos app which is the search suggestions feature, where the app will be able to know what exactly are you looking for when you search some words.

Feature the group conversation on the application of FaceTimecalled FaceTime audio conversations and video with a large number of people up to 32 people with the demo version of the iOS system 12, users can use the filters and features of the Animoji وMemoji while conducting the talks. As an extra Apple a new feature which automatically focus on who is speaking to make the conversation better.

Feature ARKit 2 augmented reality

Availability of Apple’s advantages with the new platform ARKit 2 such as allowing multiple users to play one game and integration in the Safari browser and the meal tracker and discover three-dimensional objects and the output elements of the more realistic this is in addition to the possibility to share the experience of augmented reality with someone else.

Feature Shortcuts for Siri

Added Apple feature Shortcuts to her personal assistant Siri, through which you will be able to command Siri several orders to execute step-by-step, and users can save the commands requested at the time that they want, as they will also be able to create your choices of verbal their own.


Is iOS version 12 by high performance and strength with all devices iPhone and iPad, it is not necessarily to be your talk track to better performance and fast. I put the Apple company a great deal of emphasis on speed and performance to performance ratio hardware up to 40%.


This subject highlights new features in the demo version of the operating system iOS 12 appeared on Engadget.

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