The most popular phones in Saudi Arabia to 2017

Features of the Saudi market eagerly phones most distinguished among modern phones, so you the list of the most popular phones in the Saudi market to 2017 , it was the share iPhone, the group of phones, the Galaxy for 2017 , the group Huawei phones dead 10 of 2017 .

IPhone x

الهواتف الأكثر شعبية بالسوق السعودي لعام 2017

The market for phones Saudi versions of the iPhone every year, saw the first half of 2017 inclined to buy a phone the iPhone 7 , while the increased turnout to buy the iphone 7 Plus that came with a bigger display than its predecessor, which is preferred by the user.

As the Visor phone iPhone 8 Vogue well after the announcement of the specs that tend to support his resistance, waterproof, and provide a system of processing new A11 hexa-core, as well as support for augmented reality, as well as winning phone iPhone 8 Plus due to the increased size of his also, suddenly the first screen of 4.7 inches, while the second has a 5.5-inch.

Did not expect to impress the user of the Saudi phones iPhone new, once put up phone iPhone X direct the attention of the lovers of the iPhone, it has the distinction of support for facial recognition which came to substitute its sensor footprint, and also tend to screen the big Delete button to the main network, and also support one of the types of the processing of phones from the iPhone Apple A11 Bionic, in addition to a large number of possible exclusive for the phone.

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