The most popular iPhone defectors with Android in 2018 (+ poll)

Despite rumors of low iPhone sales XR and it is highly questionable purpose, the smartphone, as found by analysts Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, was an important, if not a very obvious target. The iPhone XR, according to experts, has become the most popular camera of defectors from Android. According to experts, in the fourth quarter of 2018 former users OS from Google has chosen conventionally available flagship Apple bought much more often than the iPhone X and iPhone 8, the company informed.

Approximately 16% of the total number of iPhone owners XR who bought a smartphone in the first month of sales are former Android users, the report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. This is a third more than had the share of the iPhone 8, and almost half more than managed to attract last year’s iPhone X. Probably affected the successful combination of price, design and technical specifications that iPhone XR interested in ex-users of mobile OSes from Google.

Who really needs iPhone XR

“It seems that the iPhone XR has really helped [Apple] pull active Android users on their side, commented on the study, the CIRP co — founder Mike Levin. — Of course, at the time of launch [iPhone XR] was not entirely clear of his role, but based on the combination of price and functionality, it can be concluded that Apple with iPhone XR was addressed to Android users”.

iPhone XR — the same Pixel, but on iOS

In my opinion, Android users see iPhone XR more advanced version of the Google Pixel 3. Conventionally available flagship Apple attracts modern looks, incredible performance, a high level of autonomy and a high-quality camera. Well, what if he only has one photo module? In the end, smartphones the Pixel never was equipped with dual camera and still no one showed for it Google. So why, exactly, flagship iPhone may not have solitary confinement, if in other respects it is not inferior to top-end models?

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