The most popular Ethereum-dApp offers to lose money. Why it has invested 180 thousand coins?

Last week, the CEO of Circle Jeremy Allair saidthat more believe in the Ethereumthan Bitcoin. The reason is the extremely high activity of developers of decentralized applications (dApp), whose number has already exceeded 400 thousand people.

However, dApp is not only a factor in the growth of Ethereum, but also a serious risk for the project. The fact is that decentralized applications can be losing serious money. The most successful application last week called Fomo3D plays on human greed and other base emotions. Users have already managed to invest 180 thousand esters, writes

The developers Fomo3D Team JUST uses a Ponzi scheme. The app offers users to buy a key entry, at the same time was a chance to win the entire jackpot. Every day the organizer starts the countdown — timer obnulyaet as soon as a new user bought a key. Fomo3D promised to give the main prize to the player who buys the last key. Today, the amount of the prize is equivalent to $ 10 million.

In the large-scale marketing campaign, the app quickly became popular. Weekly volume of transactions Fomo3D exceeded 180 thousand esters. That’s more than most popular dApp until project IDEX.

Someone won, the app needs to forget all of the participants at least for a day. It is hard to believe.

The publication notes that the game will soon be a danger to the Ether — the fact that the counter Fomo3D is updated more frequently than every 10 minutes. If the game will continue to attract new users and will gather too much air, the rate of coin can seriously sink. Another threat is the low degree of protection of the application. Thus, most of the esters can be in the hands of hackers.

This is Fomo3D continues to work and even announced the release of a new application Fomo5.

Let’s hope that the developers of Ether and cryptologist will find a way to cope with the situation — otherwise there is a real danger of a collapse of the exchange rate coin. And while waiting for the lucky winner a millionaire. They may be someone of you? Let’s discuss the game in our cozy cryptodata.

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