The most notable Kickstarter projects technical for the month of January 2019

Here we are entering the New Year in the lifetime of this series, The Free God, has been the publication of the first report which was a draft the month of May 2017, and then we offer you a selection of Kickstarter projects (in the region specialized in crowdfunding projects, and sports) every month, we focus on the technical projects which have achieved outstanding success in obtaining funding.

Today -as usual – highlight the ABS projects the previous month (January 2019) and the fact of the matter is; there are many projects appeared successful in obtaining funding during the month of January, we have selected for you the ten projects contained the rest at the end this report without mentioning the details, just links for those who wanted stop.

1. Additional display for mobile devices

In general, the uses of Egyptian and working in the Montage and editing video more of the screen next to each other during the show, because one screen is not enough, sometimes the separated parts of the program from some for easy handling, but this is in case the device was in my office, but what about mobile devices, how to expand a display screen without giving up the advantage of freedom of movement, one of the solutions is this product labeled (TAIHE Gemini).

A small screen can be connected to’re on the go laptop easily and without additional software screen, thin and, comes in a double version with one with a resolution of Full HD and the second in 4K, come with with a battery in the amount of 5000mAH, which is the touch screen contain the headphones are 3 types of ports the recommendation of any laptop whether it is “Mac” or “my car”.

Started booking for the house at a price of $ 160 (for the FHD) but the price available now is $ 220, and the project is open until February 18, 2019, noting that the project has received substantial funding exceeded one million dollars.

2. The lever mechanism office reasonable price

This product is named (Hexbot) is a robotic arm that can do several things, such as painting and laser or even give you a cup of coffee in the morning and play chess with you when I don’t find you a companion, can be programmed in advance to do specific things, or use a program to send graphics and shapes three-dimensional for three-dimensional printing, contain party editable to suit the tasks entrusted to it.

Price varies according to package and plugins according to precedence, the price starts from $ 300, up to 660 dollars, and the project is free until March 9, 2019.

3. The phone that is depicted in the dark and can work for days.

Compete today’s smartphones in specifications and capabilities, as well as in lightness and elegance, but there’s a nice post out of this Squadron, does not seek to smallness and lightness size never, but it’s phones are heavy and sturdy at the same time, it’s the phones of the type (rugged phones) which moves the rugged conditions and has strong potential.

This phone labeled (Doogee S90) it is reported that the phone that works for days without charging the battery, which can export in the dark, comes with several extras that can sticking out of the back to give him greater possibilities, such as the expansion of the battery is up to 10 thousand mAH or lens night vision which works very efficiently in the dark, this is in addition to the specifications which huge enjoy phone, of which:

  • – Random memory amount 6 GB
  • – Internal memory of 128 GB
  • – Waterproof and and shock.
  • – Wireless charging,, the, and other specifications.

Start price area of $ 300, and increases according to the precedence and accessories, the project is open until February 14, 2019.

4. Holder camera smiling for

For is a person who creates videos related to his personal life, and in general these people will use their cameras to photograph themselves through the holder allows the (gorillapod), a tripod that can bend its legs and running how he wants the source so that he can export at any place with ease, came this product labeled (SwitchPod) to be a substitute.

The that has 3 arms and a solid but thin, designed to particularly fit for any person who portrays himself across hold the camera in front of him, and at the same time can in less a second one of the individual legs to accommodate the pivot on any surface level, this post got the recommendation from several makers content on YouTube and several reviews, including Acer, the famous (Peter McKinnon), and the organization has developed two people one is the (Pat Flynn); the entrepreneur and the owner of the site (Smart Passive Income) famous

The price of the product $ 80, and the project is available until March 30, 2019.

5. Tablet specifications laptop

Now the gap between laptop and tablet (Tablet) is small, especially when it comes to Tablet Keyboard can be easily separated, and the product with which we are now is a device that can be considered a laptop as well as tablet at the same time, carries the name of the (CHUWI UBook), works across the operating system (Windows 10), the touch screen and a pen for writing, a keyboard can be attached or separated.

Holds great similarity with the device (Surface go) from Microsoft, it contains random memory (ram) is relatively large, the amount of its 8 GB, but increases it to the hard disk (permanent memory) starting from 128 GB up to 1 TB, which is difficult to find in the tablets a regular, and one of the features it is the capacity of battery up to 9 hours and a half, some describe this device as a cheaper alternative for the(Surface).

The price varies according to the size of the hard drive, according to precedence, the price started from $ 350 to copy the 128 GB, and the project is open until the third of March 2019.

6. Camera imaging and tracking

The product (OBSBOT Tail) is a camera that can track your movement and Your during lecture or skiing or even playing with your children, you will expect your side always, and to zoom in (Zoom) to show up close, can be installed in a specific topic or to carry with you and use in imaging a moving, filming in 4k and has installed the movement on three axes (3-axis Gimbal) to prevent vibration, used artificial intelligence dependency of persons (AI Tracking), and other nurses.

Started the reservation price at $ 470, the price rises according to the precedence of the treatment of the book, and the project is open until March 16, 2019.

7. Person mechanism (Sofia), but the size of a small

I got humanitarian mechanism (Sophia) a lot of attention since it appeared in 2016, has decided to the same company (Hanson Robotics) production of a mini version of that robot and launch it cross-platform Kickstarter, has been named this house (Little Sophia) (Sophia Young), which contain expressions of the face and some features of artificial intelligence like:

Tracking a person’s face and identify it – talks is mutually exclusive with the others – walking on her feet – the portability of software across programming languages (blockly) and (Python), as the product provides a special application that can be used by even the children, for programming the Sophia small.

He began to price the product at $ 100, now $ 150, and the project is available until March 31, 2019.

8. A self-driving car to play and learn

Holds the product name (Zumi) is a small car, it can be considered a way of learning in the field of artificial intelligence and programming, application some of the techniques used in self-driving cars big, you can train the car via hand signals, as they contain facial recognition technology and highlight the people, and some of the concepts (machine learning) (Machine Learning).

True the price of the product between 100 and 140 $ (according to the priority of the reservation), and the project is available March 9, 2019.

9. Surveillance camera smart don’t use cloud storage

The most important difference in the cameras that use cloud storage and those that don’t use it, that cloud storage requires a paid subscription monthly or yearly, either this camera which bear the name (SimCam) they rely on the internal storage and recommendations direct to your smartphone via the app, provides most of the characteristics provided by the rest of the cameras (such as: identification of persons – a challenge to the sound of my dual – water-resistant and dimension – visualize high resolution – night vision, etc.).

They are characterized differentiate between people and other objects so that they do not give warnings wrong when you see a foreign body, and they move 360 degrees horizontally, and all this at a price lower than the rest of the house, where he began the reservation price by $ 100.

The price of the product $ 100 the camera one, or $ 380 for the package that consists of 4 cameras accessories (to cover several places at the same time), and the project is open until March 15, 2019.

10. Hood is small but professional

This product uses labeled (Pacum) to suction the air from the bags, foods or bags of clothes, which is handy when you travel in order to reduce the size of the clothes after wearing, because the air takes considerable space, also useful to retain food for a longer time after the suction air from the pillow cases, the features of this product from other products small size of the oceans in the suction air, as it stops automatically when you finish the task.

Ranges from the price of the product between 30 and $ 36, or $ 47 with 6 plastic bags, the project is open until March 16, 2019.

That was 10 projects selected, and there are other projects good some of them are distinct, we view the elements of origin and links for those who want to:

  • DualFuel – Charge Any Device on the Go
  • AirPodPal– Makes Your AirPods Easier to Carry, Charge & Find
  • CrazyCap | Portable Sterilization System
  • IMStick – your phone’s best friend accessory
  • Aura Air ~ The World’s First Total Air Solution
  • High Five® – The Most Compact 5in1 Charging Cable
  • uni: The First Rugged USB C-Dock and Hub
  • UVGLO: The world’s Smallest And Smartest UV-C LED Sterilizer
  • ZUUM: The Most Portable Electric Transportation Device EVER


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