The most notable Kickstarter projects technical for the month of December 2018

We are here to know the highlights of the projects that have been successful in obtaining funding through the platform Kickstarter on a monthly basis, technical projects got tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars across the Mason crowd-funding, or (Crowdfunding), and mostly -but not always – the more successful the project received more funding, the more it was special and worth stopping at, and possibly buy it.

Today we show you the top 10 technology projects managed to get financing during the last month of last year (month of December):

1. Device to spy on people when you meet them.

Is a small device called (MyMe) of the company (OrCam) wearable, install it in your pocket or in the shirt to perform several functions via the built-in camera, including the identification of persons via technology (Face Recognition) and add names quickly and easily to the address book, and other features that can be identified via their channel on YouTube.

The device connects to the application directly without the use of cloud services (cloud), once you see someone you will receive an alert to your phone shows you information this person (if you’ve met him before and had his data store in the app) with access to useful information, such as the previous times I met him, and others.

The project closed its doors in January 12, 2018, has been selling the device starting from $ 200.

2. Smart pen capable of making calls

I like the technical devices of multiple uses, they differ we have to carry multiple devices, and these devices that the product that bears the name of (Zanco Smart-Pen), he says in several posts, including: make and answer calls (you can enter partner contacts (SIM card) or connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth) – photography – using it as a pen to write on tablet devices (Stylus Pen) – laser pointer (for use during the presentations) – voice recorder – radio – CD player musician, etc.

There are several accessories that can be purchased with the machine, the price starts from 50 dollars, and the project is free until 18 January 2019.

3. Solar charger folding and

Here we mean by expansion is its susceptibility to panels of another of the same kind to act as one charger with panels doubling, this device named (SolarCru) can be folded easily until it becomes the size of a stockist Power (Power Bank) a small -relatively – can be carried in the bag, composed of 6 panels small, high-efficiency and water-repellent, is considered a suitable solution to charge the phone without the need of electricity across the solar energy, the device is able to charge the phone in about four hours, or two hours in the case of connecting it to another device (double the capacity).

There are two versions of the house, someone comes with a battery capacity of 2000mAH and the second without the card, and starts home price of $ 30, the project is open until February 5, 2019.

4. Display device (projector) light weight high quality

Projector features labeled (Docoy) – size small (size bag Women’s small) and light weight (weighs about 770 grams), and runs on the Android 5.0 system, can be connected to the phone or any other device via Wi-Fi, and the image of a high brightness, works battery inside which can run the device for six hours of continuous display, the display resolution is HD, and other nurses.

The product price is $ 350, and the project is available until 27 January 2019.

5. Filter Wireless store the contents of the whiteboard is digitally

The idea of this product is named (Rocketboard) are: four small pieces and stick them in the corners of the whiteboard (Whiteboard) after you finish writing, to be able to students or trainees of the filming of the contents of the blackboard in an effective way, fast and share or send to cloud services, all via the app on the phone, which is on that piece and captures what is between them only, and then improves the image and gives the corner to become the best he explained.

Start price area of $ 12 only, but delivery is available for without the specific, the project is open until the first of February 2019.

6. Piggy bank digital children of the era technical

Can use the device (Pigzbe) use for children saving money, but not any money, but digital coins, where you can download this piggy bank digital currency called (Wollo), which can be purchased or redeemed in any other currency, like any process, the device needs to interface lit with LEDs, which displays several information including the amount of cash available in the piggy bank, as they relate to phone or tablet via a special app, and allows the child to play and learn more about digital currencies and control piggybank savings.

The child can get the money (digital currency) through his parents or a member of his family, where the father of the banks converted the son or give him rewards for his work that he is doing, the parents receive these digital currencies through the purchase from within the app, and in the end the child can exchange his savings or converted to other currencies via a platform-specific (including bitfinex) with the existence of promises by the developers to expand the scope of accepting this new currency.

Start price area of $ 80, but delivery is available for specific countries only, the project is open until January 25, 2019.

7. The outlet of multi port for iPad Pro 2018

Computers and technical devices heading to use the USB port of the Type (C) which carries many advantages, including the output video with high accuracy, the introduction of electricity to charge the device very quickly and things many, in short is the outlet can be dispensed out from the rest of the other ports, but the problem is that the iPad Pro 2018 comes with one port to do everything, and there lies the problem, when you want to connect in parallel several devices or wire, here comes the role of this device.

A product that carries the name of the (HyperDrive) a piece multiple exits, its interference in the USB-C port on the iPad the new to get six claws can be used at the same time: shipping and delivery self-storage, communication devices, display and even playback music and other uses, possible in the device that it comes to designing slim, the asymptotic thickness of the device itself.

Price ranges between 50 and $ 70, according to the precedence of the reservation, the project is free until January 15, 2019

8. Headphone great professional but light

Big headphones today offer two types of service, the delivery of sound high quality, the third benefit is the isolation of external noise as much as possible, came to hear (Tactical Master) that use their design from the headphones helicopters, providing comfort and high quality, used Drive magnets and large-type (Neodymium) sheepishly 53 millimeters, The Voice of the perimeter of the study 7.1, as characterized by clear design, big and comfortable with a mike and rollers for audio outside and inside.

Start price area of $ 50, the project is available until January 18, 2018

9. Tablet fun cycling

This machine features labeled (trimm One) that has a relatively large screen and economic in energy consumption, also can be charged by solar energy and is made of aluminum, connects to your smartphone to communicate while driving a bike, it also presents you useful information from most important(Navigating) or assistance in gaining access to sites, and other information to other tasks. Can be identified on the rest of the characteristics across (this video)

Starts the price of the product in 192$, the project is open until January 27.

10. Smaller camera specializes in the depiction of space

This is what supports the owners of this house: it is the smallest camera that specializes in the filming of outer space, and in fact they are so small that they can be by the hand grip simply and about get just, while the price is much lower than the cameras of a DSLR with a lens suitable for this type of photography.

The starting price home $ 480 dollars, and the project is available until 18 January 2019.

Those were the highlights of the projects for the month of December, see you all in another part to show you the highlights of the projects this month (building), and the projects the previous months, you can go to the page with the archive of this series.


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