The most notable Kickstarter projects technical for May 2019

مشاريع كيك ستارتر مايو 2019

Millions of dollars have been pumped in to support the projects products and technology to see the light, so during the month of May last and cross-platform Kickstarter crowdfunding, the contributors understand the individuals they wish to get those products by others, here, and across the following lines, we’ll show you the highlights of the Ten technology projects launched during the month of May 2019 and funded successfully, as this report; one of the Rings of Power Monthly , which shed a light on this organization and IT projects-leading technology.

1. Holder camera (tripod) perfect

This project has achieved considerable success in the region, has reached its financing volume to more than $ 6 million, which is a big number compared to the rest of the project which, if successful in the access checkpoint of the file they are among the few from the many project.

A product that carries the name of the (Travel Tripod) is the bearer of a camera three (can be used for phone also) is characterized by its small size when folded, and return when the individual, not wasting any space blank can be folded and enter it in the backpack easily, offers several modes to change and take big cameras next to the supplied tool to support smart phones, including two versions, the first made legs material aluminium (light) and carbon material (lighter).

The price of the product constant; the $ 290 for the Made of aluminium, and 480 for the Made of carbon, the project is free until July 19.

2. Your writing paper and digital at once

A product that carries the name of the (Newyes) is a notebook to jot down notes, ideas and more scribbles, the water it provides both types: writing paper via ink pens, writing digital via the smart pen, and synchronizes the written content to the phone app, in both types, as the smart pen is used in both sides, where is the switch of the head to either write the paper or digital, but it has a camera and the steps of writing to be able to watch the video the steps of drawing from the beginning, and other characteristics.

Ranges from the price of the product between 100 and 110 dollars, and the project is available until June 22, 2019.

3. A nice way to communicate between drivers of vehicles

The labeled (RoadWayve) nice idea and useful for car owners, a number plate is fitted at the back, and through you send some of the ferry lines to the driver of the car who is behind you, if passed in its course and he sent no words of apology, and allowed you to progress, so he sent him a thank you ….Special

The price of the device is between 100 and 180 dollars, and the project is available until 19 June 2019.

4. 360-degree camera specifications high

Most cameras of this type, containing two lenses, but this camera (ROGY) they are double six powerful lenses to photograph the scene of the perimeter of the excited (video) up to 4K (shooting fixed at a higher resolution), relating to wireless that can broadcast through the networks, and also provide the application of professional view the site and convert them to videos ordinary (two-dimensional) with the support property tracking persons.

The price of the product $ 500, and the project is available until July 2, 2019.

5. Ride electric charger multiple entrances and exits.

This micro-innovation (Passport GO) solves the problem of multiple forms of plugs electricity, is the adapter to a power socket charger phone multi at the same time, the primary function is the conversion between different shapes for the clothes, where they can be mounted on any socket the wall of whatever quality thanks to the way the innovative in highlighting the appropriate section of the aperture, the second is a charger for the phone, is fast and supports up to five devices, respectively, where contains four slots for USB and of USB Type-C.

Ranges from the price of the product between 30 and $ 40 according to the precedence in the reservation, the project opens its doors until June 30, 2019.

6. Washing machine of the future

The most important of this washing machine (Morus Zero) is the speed, where she can accomplish the task in a quarter of an hour only, but at the same time small, fit single individuals or Latvia in excursions and long, dependent on temperature and air pressure to get a satisfactory result, and also are energy efficient and easy to use.

Price ranges region between 280 and 330 dollars, and the project is available until June 12, 2019.

7. Phone little kids talking for a smart watch

Device (Novus) is a device dedicated for children, a small phone can make calls and send messages and do many other helpful tasks, it is imperative for a smart watch also music also, features access to the properties of the parental control, it gives them the advantage of knowing the place of the child and also specify the time of use next to the other properties.

The starting price for the device is $ 130 and for $ 220, according to Page wizard takes precedence, and the project is available until 23 June 2019.

8. The charger cord that can tow a car

Wire hacks (Super Cable), the basket is very strong and made of material stronger than iron (by their words), is not affected by length of Use and withstand the frequent tug-of-war, as it supports fast charging.

Ranges from the price of the product between 14 and 19 dollars, the project is available until July 30, 2019.

9. Button press it Vince you specific tasks

The region labeled (Flic 2) is the small button to adjustable, you put it anywhere you want and need on any task, like you can use to listen to podcast episodes, or to extinguish all the lights of the house once when sleeping (for smart homes), can be allocated to a single task or several tasks in a row.

Price button the reality is $ 25, or package composed of 4 buttons + HUB 110 dollars, and the project is available until 20 June 2019.

10. The new generation of drums

The product (Senspad) is a drum, but by connecting wirelessly to your smartphone, via which you can switch between the sounds and the tracks from the lineup selected by you, the organization exists for amateurs and professionals, so as to exempt them from buying a pack the drums are expensive, you could buy several units and connected with a few to allow by clicking on it and create multiple sounds are integrated with each other to make lump growing.

Priced the House about $ 150 apiece, or $ 510 pack drums consisting of 3 pieces + the number of the two accounts for feet, and the project is available until June 13, 2019.


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