The most notable Kickstarter projects technical for may 2018

We offer you a list of new projects funded successfully on Kickstarter platform which launched during the month of May last, a report within the monthly that shed light on some possible projects related to technology, which the owners decided to convert ideas on paper into reality, and helped teachers with those thoughts in their support and funding, and remains only to send the funds and starts the production line and then send the products for each of the booking a copy of it.

1. Food containers clever remember you before to explain what is in the fridge

One of the new ideas in the field of the Internet of things, this time will choose this device from around the web inside the refrigerator, but it will connect to your smartphone and digital (Alexa) in order to help you in knowing the food you boat to spoil inside the fridge so use it and start it without the other.

Product (Smarterware) (Ovie) is a portfolio of food and similar (clips) containing a piece of waste depending on the condition of the food, in the beginning, and when you put food into the refrigerator; you select the quality of the food or eating the store (via voice command and talk with the alexa, or via its own app in your smartphone), it will light green, and when he spends on food a certain time period to suit its quality, will change the lighting from Green to yellow and then to red as the days Progress to the validity of eating (with the Send alerts to you.), As that the app gives you a lot of useful options.

Start price area of $ 75 and rises according to the page, and the project is open until June 21, 2018

2. Plane Christian “Derwent” the size of the phone is priced at $ 100

Not only price is low, but the size also, they are smaller than the palm of the hand, and can be entered into pocket easily, and its weight is 140 grams only, which means they may be manufactured from the category games more than it is a tool of photography, while they offer a lot of properties available in the aircraft drones today.

The plane bearing the name “Fairy Drone”, and the camera accurately Full HD (1080p), offer the advantage of automatic tracking control is carried out via the app or a special device to be linked to the phone, the battery is lasting 14 minutes of flight which is a good thing in such as its size, it is true that other organizations known to have properties of the best quality export the best, but tend to the price and.

The price of the aircraft $ 99 separately, but it climbs to $ 149 with the remote, batteries, charger, and the project is open until the day of the June 2018

3. Mouse multi-uses of the renewal of the use of different

Is a mouse a “mouse” under the name of “ProPoint” working on laptop and tablet devices alike, used as a mouse normal as well as an indicator of the laser during the evaluation and (can check the part and painting them after), the form and method of use, characterized by small size (easy to carry) and requires contact with the fingertips instead of the palm of the hand, related to wireless Bluetooth, can charge via USB, and other nurses.

Ranges from the price of the device between 117 and $ 134 according to the precedence of the reservation, the project it is open until 11 July.

4. Camera for the surround (360 degrees) features the unique

Still these kind of cameras appear in the previous technical one day after another, they are a new technology and with the days, it represents a new way to produce and display visual content to document events, grabbing moment in full details, it has become possible to transfer the viewer by default to the location of the events and let him flip his head left and right like at the same time and place.

  • For more information about the world of photography at an angle of 360 degrees: read this article

Featuring camera “QooCam” several advantages the most important being it works as a camera for the surround (360 degrees) and three-dimensional (180 degrees) at the same time, as to the quality of the video is 4K and the speed of the shutter to 120 frames per second (120FPS) (when shooting less accurately) which allows making the problems slow, offer the advantage of re-focus after shooting (refocus), anti-vibration, in addition to the vertical form can bend it from the middle to suit the functions of different photography, and other nurses.

The project was launched in the beginning of May last, and received substantial funding and closed its door the beginning of this month completed, including its success, the price of the camera has ranged between 290 and 310 USD, which is a good price compared to the features offered.

5. A smart watch is not only the Scorpions

If you look at her, I didn’t found where only Scorpions, simple elegant and she appears to be “smart” while they are from the category of “Smart Watch”, they are hiding the contradictions and the data in the layer of glass does not only appear when needed, then disappear and the Scorpions alone steal the stage inside the arena, the arena bearing the name “mim-X” and connect the phone to able to receive messages and make calls and follow athletic performance and monitor the heart rate, and other characteristics offered by most smart watches today.

Price ranges the coast between 108 and $ 127 depending on the priority of the reservation, and the project is open until 16 June 2018.

6. Small submarine with underwater

A small submarine-like aircraft, drones, but they work under water, can be controlled remotely and transfer live video or imaging at high resolution (4K) and take pictures with the possibility of color correction via special programme, the developers say it is the most stable and easiest to control which is present in the market today, the battery is enough to dive for 4 hours and can be controlled from a distance of 500 meters via radio waves.

Starting price device $ 1200 and even 1800 according to the priority of the reservation, the project is open until July 13, 2018

7. Headphones wireless compete the others in performance and price

Headphones (Firefly) is able to Quick charge performance surpasses many of the other products competition in the markets, where it can be shipped for 10 minutes and get a run duration of two hours, connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth Version V, anti-return water, and come in a tiny house that charges automatically when placed, the Run-Time dominating for four hours per charge, all at a competitive price of 60$.

The price of fish between 59 and $ 69 depending on the priority of the reservation, and the project is open until 24 you.

8. Telescope intelligent targeting outer space

Are attractive and the size is suitable, the telescope “Hiuni” distinctive characteristics, including the ability to share photos via a tablet and via a special app on the device, can be controlled remotely via an app that contains features, characteristics, including educational materials, interactive and easier for the novice to enter the world of space surveillance as well as knowledge of associated events in relation to the planets and other celestial bodies.

Price ranges region between 490 and $ 540 according to the priority of the reservation, the project is free until the date of June 17, 2018.

9. Lighter Electric rechargeable via USB

A lighter can be shipped for a period of one hour to tell you multiple days, it may be possible to dispense with a lighter regular gas, it may be useful in the kitchen when out trekking and for any other uses, come in two forms, first a short to carry in a pocket easily, and the other head-long to reach difficult places.

Lighter (Sparkr) work soak up the plasma, not affected by wind external might live ignite the lighter, regular, without smoke and without smell by the age of virtual long.

The price of the product in the region of $ 25, and the project closed its doors on the first of June 2018.

10. A device for measuring the distance of the laser by error of 2 mm

Technical help in the palm of a human from several aspects, this device and other measuring devices that use laser beams to one of the examples where you can replace a tape measure the distance which may be tired in the use of this little device that works you task in less time and easier way, he is able to measure distance up to 40 meters and by a simple error. Easy to use and supports the measurement of the horizontal and vertical are available at a cheaper price than similar devices on the market.

Price ranges region between 29 and $ 44 according to the page priority of the reservation, as the project is open until the day of July 6, 2018.

11. Plane Christian “Derwent” remember the path of the Decree No

Because the aircraft was a drone the former is characterized by cheap price, this plane offers the characteristics of a professional may be unique, it is true that the price is more expensive than the former, but it’s not a lot compared to Features, Specifications, it is in the range of $ 239, and the characteristics carried by jet of “Mark” it is most important that they do not rely on GPS (GPS) in determining the place, which may be useless in some crowded places, they rely on a technique called (Visual-Inertial Odometry) That allows the object moving to select a place based on the position of surrounding objects, and the same indoor map.

Of available properties in the plane:

  • Remembering the path his Decree: where you can move the plane with your hand (or remote control) and do not help in the air and then leave her after that to walk in the same path and pick up you to the scene you want.
  • Controlled via voice commands.
  • Use the tip of the hand to take pictures.
  • Follow the path of people automatically.
  • Enough battery to fly for 20 minutes.

Price ranges of the aircraft without the control device between 239 and 319 according to the space need and the priority of the reservation, the project is open until July 13, 2018.

12. A professional to and laser

A professional allows you to cut things with lasers, or engraving any shape you want on any wooden surface or glass or metal in addition to several other types of materials, The processing of the shape or drawing through any program you want or download ready made picture from the internet and then entered into the LCA program (FLUX Studio) to be able to see the surface through the built-in camera, and then modify the position of the drawing on the surface how you want, at last press the Start button to tell the device to work.

The device comes in two versions, the first version is a (compact) intended for home use which gives you a workspace in the amount of 40 x 37 cm (greater than the area of the printing paper) where they come at a price ranging between 1600 and 2200 dollars depending on the priority of the reservation, and the second (Pro) appropriate for use (in schools and offices) which comes with the workspace is wider, and it seems the price between 2400 and $ 3000.

13. Scout light head is made of silicon

Form the headlamp head is a good solution to get light in places dark to accomplish the task in those places without the need to catch him in the hand, it connects on the front straight, but most of the products available in the market come with a belt large or is not suitable or does not change its place when you move or run, so he brought this home to solve this problem.

It is the Scout’s head is made of the implant completely, which is what gives it the structure of rubber is flexible and strong at the same time, features a design unique and comfortable to use, and rechargeable via USB port hidden inside of it, allows the user to control the type and degree of lighting and choose from several different styles through special software with the computers.

Product price is $ 22, and the project is open until June 9, 2018.

In addition to these other projects (and others):

  • Cubes the formation of things which develop the intelligence of children “Tinkamo“
  • Toy race car small that resemble Video Games “xDroid“
  • H memories of that run and never stop “Time Since Launch“

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