The most notable Kickstarter projects possible technical successfully during the month of January 2018

مشاريع كيك ستارتر التقنية

مشاريع كيك ستارتر التقنية

Managed many technical projects -or related to technology – get funding via the platform Kickstarter during the month of January last, we have noticed starting several small projects, the projects are a community fan of technical products low-cost solve simple problems or perform specific tasks, and we’ll show you in this article highlight 10 IT projects launched during the past month in addition to the list attached for other projects.

1. Camera subject wear change studies 360

Imaging of the peripheral things that bloom and spread its tools and applications recently, there have been many cameras that depict Footage video with a 360 recently, and in order to export it, you must carry it in your hand, the length of the period of the filming, but what if it were possible to export without any camera? What if the camera was just a necklace worn around the neck like a wireless headset? This is the camera “FITT360”

Can shoot video in HD resolution for 90 minutes continuously, can also be broadcast live via smartphone and social networks, made up the Bangle of 3 cameras to cover all sides, can shoot the horizontal bar completely but it’s hard to cover the entire periphery of the vertical, the storage is through SD memory and up to 128 GB, connecting wirelessly over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gym ups, and can shoot video in 4K, as it is waterproof.

Open project of the state and so on 23 February 2018, the price of the product between $ 417 and $ 560 according to the precedence of the reservation.

2. The lamp draws power from a small candle

One candle will give you 6 hours of lighting Electric, of course the sun is in itself luminous, but this lamp increases the power of the light 15 times, as if you have 15 candle next to each other, and it is through the use of a property (thermoelectricity), which is the conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy and the supply of LED bulbs that light up is strong and does not consume a lot of energy.

The lamp is small and practical and can be hung or placed on a firm surface across the legs are flexible, can be used in cases of power outages or in areas that lack electric power.

The project is available until March 1, 2018, and can be booked a copy of the bulbs at a price between $ 77 and $ 103, according to precedence, the plug will be in the month of August.

3. Digital assistant smiling in your face and maintains your privacy

To maintain privacy, this is what the developers of this plugin, digital speaking, the top companies used the records to use for purposes of advertising and the advertising companies reach people interested through that data you collect, as this company is not to sell your information and maintain your privacy.

It’s a personal assistant speaking like other devices such as the Amazon Echo, it only comes with a can be to know you some useful information instead of hear it only, the machine uses artificial intelligence to develop the user experience and improve Voice Response, through the use of open source software, as a list can be customized how the user wants.

The price of the device $ 129 or 179 with the camera, as the project is open until February 24, 2018 and recommendations will be in December 2018.

4. Paper electronic adjustable modulation

Not plain paper, but sheets of paper contain electronic circuits that are thin and allow you to relax her and unleash your creativity to make some beautiful things, whether for fun, leisure or for examination and testing, is a book containing 24 sheets of A4 size, comes with eight ready-made designs you can made it directly with the help of instructions and guidelines attached.

The project is open until 19 February 2018, and can be booked a copy and get it in July at a price of $ 56.

5. Scented atmosphere smartphone

Through this device you will be able to control aromatherapy pure emitted from the device, which consists of four units, each unit containing a different scent, the device can be controlled via a special app on your smartphone, such as changing the modulation and the time between odors, as well as temporary use to stop the emission of odors after a certain period, and other nurses.

6. Wireless charging station to charge 6 devices in parallel

Can this small flat to charge 3 devices wirelessly and 3 devices wired in parallel, and it is known that this type of chargers Electric uses the technology of Qi, which allows the transfer of electrical energy via the electromagnetic field, where the phone is placed in the space provided to begin the process of shipping.

Phones that do not support fast charging technology you will be provided with an outer wrapper to allow it to receive this kind of energy, or can be shipped through the Ports of the USB three available in the device.

The price of the device between 59 and $ 69 depending on the precedence, you can support the project by the most in 14 February 2018 and get a copy sent in the same month (the house is ready to drink).

7. Purified water by ultraviolet radiation

A small device is simple helps you to save drinking water through a special type of ultraviolet light (UV-A light) where it is shed rays to a bottle of water for only 15 minutes, and then the water becomes ready to drink, this machine helps in maintaining human health, drinking pure water and contributes to environmental conservation not consumption of water which causes a lot of plastic waste that adversely affect the environment.

The project is available until 28 February, the price of the unit ranges between 180 and 199$.

8. Bell smart answer about you and for you and your guests

Company (Netvue) is one of the companies specialized in smart home devices, especially those that possess the camera and used in surveillance and security, which is now offering new product (ready for sale) through the platform Kickstarter, a bell smart does have some useful features.

Has the bell on the sound system, speaking with visitors and ask them what they want (a two-way dialogue), and then loads the scene through the camera to the person to be inside the house, over the phone and special application, you will be able to watch the visitor then check the appropriate action (such as opening the door or reply by a voice message ready), and other features.

The price of the product is $ 149, and the project is open until the first of March 2018

9. Lens to disable the exchange of lighting when filming

When you decide to capture an image for the outside under the rays of the sun (through the DSLR camera), you may encounter a problem if there’s part shaded, it becomes a great contrast between the top of the page and the bottom, it will either be the sunny part is clear in the picture or the part of the polygon, and this number comes on.

You justice to the work of the Division for the dim part as selected by the Bank, they are subject to ascents and descents, sustainability and so is the division of the scene according to the position of the shadow in the scene.

10. Headphones eliminate the noise in the outside.

Enclave is the headset Wireless, to help reduce the noise outside by a large and then listen to health flowing from the phone-level is not part of the order to preserve the sky, the battery lasts up to 5 hours, and waterproof, the company is the developer and they use the digital way (digital), not Analog (analog) sound insulation and noise reduction, which is the best in the results according to their saying.

The price of the Phone $ 49 and the project is open until March 1, 2018, and the delivery will be also in the month of March.

Finally, these are some of the products other technical good that succeeded in obtaining funding:

  • An alternative to the face mask, which moisturizes and my skin in record time
  • Tool easy pregnancy for cloud storage and wireless.
  • Scarf Electric rechargeable warm the neck in the days gesture
  • Assistant portray a smart tool for cloud storage for DSLR cameras
  • Backhand to drag your bag during travel without the trouble
  • A small holder to hold the speaker inside the ear during sports

You can browse previous projects by clicking on this link.

The most notable Kickstarter projects possible technical successfully during the month of January 2018 appeared first on the tech world.

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