The most notable differences between the first and second generation of the BlackBerry phone KEY


Revealed the BlackBerry company officially unveiled its new phone KEY2, which came as the successor of the phone KEYone launched by the company in February 2017, where the respective presence of the touchscreen in addition to full keyboard, with many other features, the following are compared between them so as to stand on the most notable differences are as follows:


BlackBerry KEYone

BlackBerry KEY2

Operating system

Running Android nougat 7.1

Running Android oreo 8.1

The area of the screen

Screen 4.5 inch

Screen 4.5 inch

Screen resolution

1620 x 1080 mega pixel camera

1620 x 1080 mega pixel camera

Rear camera

Camera 12 megapixel

Dual Camera 12-megapixel

The front camera

8 mega pixel camera

8 mega pixel camera


Processor Snapdragon 625

Processor Snapdragon 660


3 GB

6 Gb

Internal memory

32 GB

128 GB


3505 mAh

3500 mAh

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