The most important new features in the iOS update 12.2

Apple launched its version iOS 12.2 last Monday at the conference on 25 March. And has this update pack not a bunch of new features aimed at most of the American citizen, this is not the repairs and improvements on the system as a whole. In this article we will discuss the most important of those actresses in some detail.

أهم المميزات الجديدة في تحديث iOS 12.2

Subscription service +Apple News new

In the application of the Apple News section has been added to newspapers and magazines in a new tab in the news application is launched by the name “+News” monthly subscription for 9.99$. So you can enjoy the content of the high quality of the news and magazines from more than 300 sources. Expect a free trial for one month, but Apple will begin fee collection as soon as the expiration of the 30-day trial.

In order to participate in the free demo version, you will need to get a credit card and then login to application news Apple News – then click on the Try it Free – then on the next page click on Try it Free again, then confirmed that you will pay the value of the subscription 99.9 $ per month after the trial ends. Then enter the password of the Apple account or insight if asked.

If you subscribe to free and like it, and I wanted to cancel the subscription before the renewal, unfortunately, didn’t put Apple way to cancel the clear. If you want to cancel the subscription before the automatic renewal and fee. There are several ways to do so.

To unsubscribe through the application of Apple News

◉ Open the tab “follow” or ” Following”.

◉ Scroll down to the bottom and click on “manage subscriptions” or ” Manage Subscriptions”.

◉ Test “‘free trial cancellation” or “Cancel Free Trial”.

◉ You will be asked to “confirm” or “Confirm”.

Thus it will be immediate cancellation of the subscription, preferably do it before the end of the month a day or two so you can benefit from the free period is complete.

Unsubscribe through Settings your account with Apple

This method is longer, but it enables you to access the list of your subscriptions, not just subscription the news app. You can access this in several ways:

◉ Settings Settings – then enter your account – then iTunes & App Store – then log in to your Apple account Apple ID then view Apple ID .

◉ Settings or Settings then iTunes & App Store – then your Apple account Apple ID then view Apple ID.

◉ Or through the application of iTunes Store then account Apple your Apple ID (at the bottom) then view the Apple ID.

Once you view the Apple account, in “account setup” page or ” Subscriptions”, choose the “Apple News” from the list of applications to which you have subscribed. You can cancel any active subscriptions to any other apps. Once you click on the app, click the “cancel free trial” or “Cancel Free Trial” and then “confirmation” or “Confirm”. You’ll see a message stating You will have access to all the magazines. If you want to subscribe again you will have to pay for a subscription.

Name new

If you have the iPhone X or newer, it was added to the four elements Animoji new: an owl, a pig and a wild, giraffe, and shark.

You can view the air quality (AQI) in Apple Maps

In the iOS update 12.2 if you see a town or a city in Apple Maps, you can see the air quality index for that region (not available in all cities). It is a set of numbers, the colors that describe the extent of system or air pollution. It is worth mentioning that the air quality index exists since system version iOS 12 but in the application of the weather only, but now it has reached to the Maps application also.

Display temperature then the bottom of which the value of the air quality index, the measurement of that quality from zero to 500. If the ratio of zero to 50 you think the air quality is good and satisfying and does not pose a threat. If the ratio of 50 to 100 considered air quality as moderate and acceptable. If the percentage is from 100 to 150, the quality is not healthy for those suffering from allergies. It is 150 to 200 is considered unhealthy and is a risk to suffer from allergies. From 200 to 300 is considered very unhealthy and is likely to be influenced by everyone. If the ratio of 300 to 500 is considered a very dangerous situation results triggered a devastating health and everyone should stay away from them.

Supporting “Hey Siri” for the AirPods new

Added Setup window new speakers AirPods provide that the user will be able to talk to Siri through the speakers by saying “Hey Siri” or “Hey Siri” without pressing any button. When your peers hear the AirPods, ask the user to prepare the “Hey Siri” or “Hey Siri” just like the iPhone and the iPad.

You can use Siri to play videos on Apple TV

New in Siri, is the ability to claim by way of iPhone running any video or view any movie or sports game, or a specific channel on the Apple TV. From the examples provided by Apple’s”Hey Siri, start the Free Solo on my TV” or ” Hey Siri, play Free Solo on my TV”.

And updates, which affected the Siri also

Before this update, you ask Siri to play an audio file from the music app, it is performed, and it was all what appears on the screen is a button to display the screen that says “Open music” or “‘Open Music”. Now you can get the user interface “is now playing” or “Now Play” more of a challenge without opening the music app.

Surely this is not all in the new version but there is more we will mention it in a later article continue with us.

What do you think about these actresses? And you see it is of great importance to you? Tell us in the comments.



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