The most expensive Samsung smartphone will be even more expensive than we thought

Contrary to the rumors that Samsung Electronics was not originally planning to equip the Galaxy Fold foldable support 5G to have the ability to inflate its already high price, it turned out that in preparation for the launch of a new company he changed his mind and took the opposite decision. As reported by SamMobile, the at least one modification of the device of the future will support new technology, providing their owners with access to the networks of the fifth generation.

Most likely, 5G-compatible modification of the Galaxy Fold will be exclusively available in a number of countries, among which is guaranteed to include South Korea and the United States. Display smartphone with support for 5G in other markets for the producer will be absolutely unjustified and even unprofitable, since the time of the release of the full infrastructure networks of the fifth generation will be available only in an extremely limited number of States and only for the elite operators.

Price Galaxy foldable Fold

Given that even the basic Galaxy Fold will be evaluated not less than $ 1,500, there is every reason to believe that the price of the model that support networks of the fifth generation will be 15-20% higher. Thus the foldable smartphone Samsung runs the risk not to leave even a million copies, remaining one of the most exclusive vehicles of today along with solutions Vertu and Mobiado.

When I imagine Galaxy Fold

It is expected that the release of the Galaxy Fold will take place on 20 February at the Samsung Unpacked event, simultaneously with the Galaxy S10. The upcoming device will have a flexible display with a diagonal of 7.3 inches, which can be folded in half and thereby reduce the working area. In this state, the device can be used as a normal smartphone, while for more advanced tasks and content creation, it is recommended to expand the design to actually turn it into a tablet and don’t limit yourself to convenience.

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