The most common problems Bluetooth headphones and their decision

We recently wrote to you about the most worthy representatives of the world of wireless headphones. But any electronic device may not work properly, as if you’re OK with it not applied. This problem can cope well often on their own. Let’s look at the most common problems Bluetooth headphones and what to do in order to return your gadget to the system. If you know of other solutions to the problem, then share them in our chat in Telegram after reading this article.

The problem with Bluetoothheadsets? No need to panic. Now decide everything!

My smartphone cannot find the Bluetooth headphones

Pairing the devices is a delicate matter

So, if you want to connect headphones to your smartphone, but for some reason the headphones do not appear in the list of Bluetooth devices, here’s what you need to do. First check the Bluetooth on both devices. And if on the smartphone to make it easy, to headphones often needs to hold down a certain key combination. Just do it again. Not helped? Then you should check whether the earphone is compatible with your version of the OS. And if with the fresh models of smartphones and “ears” problems usually arise, but with outdated gadgets sometimes have trouble. Usually headphone makers put on the site a fresh version of the firmware in order that you could resolve this problem.

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Further, it is important to understand that to connect the devices must be close enough to each other and between them there should be no obstacles. In addition, you can prevent other Bluetooth gadgets that are running at the moment (and they may not necessarily be connected to your smartphone). So just in case, temporarily disable smart watches, bracelets, intelligent speakers and other devices which “clog” the Bluetooth signal. Do not be amiss to disable Wi-Fi. Despite the fact that these standards are virtually “overlap” some common frequencies are still there.

Interrupted signal on the Bluetooth headphones

An interrupted signal is quite simple to deal

There’s nothing more annoying than losing a Bluetooth connection when listening to music. There can also be several factors. First, it is again other devices, but this time you need to look only at the smartphone. Perhaps your module is simply overloaded or distributes the channels of communication between, say, a clock, headphones and column is incorrect. Try disable different gadgets until you find “the culprit.” Then remove it from the system and perform pairing again.

Another common nuisance are obstacles. And in this case, a barrier may be… you do. Yeah, not surprised, some not very new model of “ears” pretty bad “punch” of the human body. Therefore, try to put the smartphone in the other pocket. For example, from the pants pocket in the breast.

Every time they have to spend pair of headphones again

Do not connect too many mobile gadgets

This problem is quite common in those device owners who regularly connects to the smartphone new gadgets. For example, you have connected with a computer to transfer a couple of files, and the nature connected the phone to the Bluetooth Cologne friend to listen to the music. And yet you constantly running watch pairing and you in addition bought Bluetooth headphones. In this case, the Board is only one — remove all devices which are at the moment not in use. The Bluetooth module is simply not able to store data on dozens of different gadgets to pair.

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