The most beautiful 6 Apple stores around the world

Buy the Apple TV at its quaint and beautiful about the world, whether the rate of monumental buildings or specifically designed to be distinct from any chain stores continued to mark the other, these 8 stores, including:

1) Apple Piazza Liberty

It is located in the Italian city of Milan is characterized by the glass which is the entrance to the special, fun and a wonderful backdrop for the runway.

2) Apple Michigan Avenue

Located in the city of Chicago and opened in October 2017, and is characterized encapsulates his glass, and takes its design from the inside form the balcony, and instead of trying to nature get married from within the trees stationed around the shopping area and the stairs.

3) Apple Dubai Mail

Located in the city of Dubai and opened in 2017 also, and just a short walk from iconic Burj Khalifa, and the Apple rating out of the company to watch the shows of the Dubai Fountain while shopping, and to reduce the air temperature, shading store large panels of carbon fiber which are known in the art and architecture of Paris.

4) Apple Union Square

Located in the city of San Francisco, and features about giant glass that remain open to visitors who can sit on the benches of the trees overlooking the Union Square, famous also enjoy free Wi-Fi, and amazing that the App Store works only with solar energy that stored solar panels on the roof.

5) Apple Schildergasse

The city of Cologne German, which is a component of the two levels take the form of a circular characteristic linked by a glass staircase info.

6) Apple Kärntner Straße

Located in the city of Vienna, capital of Austria, we note that the design of the store patron of the heritage of the original building and did not take up the bottle of Apple stores famous.

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