The most anticipated phone of the year will be presented on August 21

What can be called the most anticipated in 2018? Perhaps this is the legendary smartphone of Nokiawhich will be able to compete with the flagships of Samsung in specifications and design? It seems that it will be shown very soon, on August 21. Nokia says about it on Twitter.

Tweet Nokia Mobile says that on 21 August the company will present one of the most anticipated phones. It is attached to the image of a mysterious device. The text on the image says about the same as the text of the tweet.

The most popular speculation about what may be one of the most anticipated phones is the flagship smartphone Nokia 9, which will compete with the popular flagships on the market. Earlier it was said that Nokia 9 can be presented in September, but until September is not so far away.

It can be noted that Twitter Nokia used the word “phone” instead of the word “smartphone”. With such a message may be presented to the next revived classics like 3310 or Nokia 8110. However, the image in Twitter is more like a device with a large touch screen.

The wait is long. Soon all secrets will be revealed. If you have your own assumptions or wishes on August 21, can share them with the users of our chat in the Telegram.

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