The most advanced launcher for Android that can be download in Google Play

Hyperion is an add – in, shell, launcher, – as you prefer – which was created by a team of developers Projekt, the same people who once created the launcher Substratum. Substratum is something of a native launcher smartphones Pixel, but with a large number of additional functions and features, which users are missing in the default shell. Substratum also supports integration with other applications-add-ons such as Sesame shortcuts and Google Feed. All these features are available in the free version, but there is a Pro version. Team Projekt decided to release a special separate launcher with all the Pro features, and he received the name of Hyperion Supreme.

Previously, Pro features, Supreme Hyperion unlocked via in-app purchase Hyperion. With today’s update to version “Pro” has become a new separate app called Hyperion Supreme. Although it is not clear why the team Projekt decided to do it, let’s put aside all these theoretical arguments and look at some Pro features that are available in the launcher Hyperion Supreme.

Pro features:

  • Gesture control
  • Customizing the icons, including size, text color, show/hide the shade of text and also displays the signature in a few lines
  • Installing custom fonts for the launcher (by importing your own file format .TTF)
  • Disabling app notifications, which pop up at the top of the screen
  • The ability to place apps in the Dock in two rows
  • Google Smart Widget and their customization
  • …and much more

If you have already purchased Hyperion Pro Hyperion application, don’t worry because with the new app update Hyperion, in his Pro-steel version has all the same functions as in a separate application Hyperion Pro. Below is a list of changes in the latest version of Hyperion.

What has changed in the new version of Hyperion:

  • Added support for Sesame Shortcuts (version 3.3.0+)
  • Added gesture that hides or shows the contents of the workspace
  • Added theme Google feed
  • Removed the confusing edit mode, deleting is now done.
  • Removed the Awareness API and its associated permissions, as Google no longer supports them
  • Various fixes and improvements

If you are ready to buy Hyperion Supreme with all its Pro-features and support the team of developers Projekt to start customizing your smartphone, then you can do this in Google Play for 149 rubles. For Pro-version app Hyperion all new features are also available in the current update.

Application: hyperion supreme
Category: Personalization
Price: 149,00 rubles
Download: Google Play

Application: hyperion launcher
Category: Personalization
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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