The monthly fee on the Facebook groups!

Been rumors of the special pay a monthly fee to access the groups Facebook shrug resounding by users of the product, it was after receiving a number of leaks from inside the company Facebook that the Group’s project group admin will have the advantage of financial provides do not get a fee from the subscribers of the groups start from $ 5 per month down to $ 30 per month for his entry into sub-groups with exclusive data.

And trading settlement by the number of members of the groups that publish their publications in the care of children and home decoration, activated this feature recently and this is a trend in the coming days.

This was followed by the confirmation of Mark Zuckerberg chief executive of Facebook that has been activated this feature for some groups as a kind of guarantee of the interest held in the dissemination of their information exclusive.

Fees just the beginning

Sprinkle with zuckerberg that the physical requirements will not be exclusive on the Special Collections, but will move on to some other activity offered by the platform facebook and subscriptions to groups are just the beginning of the trial of what is to come in this regard, referring to his proposal earlier to get some people with interest in the actual version of Facebook does not contain any ads compared to the League clash and they’re going to do this service these days in the development department.

This may mean that any Holder for the account on Facebook has been reducing the features to work on his receiving a copy of the presentation is segment of users can not be overlooked, but his free to communicate via Facebook account will be know to target the paid ads and promotions.

Already been adopted the advantage of a monthly subscription, under the name of “subscription group” or group subscriptions will be available to a limited number because it’s still under test, but with proof of success and effectiveness will become available to any user at the beginning of the registry.

Was followed by the adoption of the option to subscribe to a statement by Alex Davey General Manager to manage the production of groups in the Facebook platform, saying that the Department for communities is in the idea since its beginning and this feature came after an appeal by their Frequent reports of the violations they made after stealing their content exclusive, as it will help them to earn more money to support their continuity.

This topic monthly fees on the Facebook groups! Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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