The monitoring of the base wireless charging AirPower in Carton bag wireless charging for your AirPods


According to rumors, the announcement of the charging base wireless. AirPower that the long wait for her this week. Whether this is true or not, we still have to wait and see if that happens already or not, especially since Apple has not confirmed us anything officially yet, but if there’s one thing we know for sure is that it is not the abolition of this supplement.

This, according to Chris Caine, who posted a picture on Twitter network for AirPods with a tray for wireless charging, which is science, which also define the base wireless charging AirPower as shown in the picture below. This confirms that the supplement is still alive and well, given that the decree on the flag, it means that there is a good chance to advertise it in the near future, perhaps later this week as indicated by the rumors.

The launch of the second generation of earphones AirPods last week and comes with a chip Apple H1 new and New supports wireless charging which can be purchased separately also. This box can be shipped using the base wireless charging AirPower, just as John the painting in the back of the enclosure. And fueling rumors closer to launch AirPower lately. also when it was monitoring a new image to the base wireless charging this on official site of Apple.

Anyway, we hope to reveal the Apple for more details about the base wireless charging AirPower in later this week, so please come back to us for more details.

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