The Ministry of Justice reveal the details of one of the biggest scams ad

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وزارة العدل تكشف تفاصيل إحدى أكبر عمليات الاحتيال الإعلانية

Revealed the US Justice Department the details related to one of the largest and most famous operations of the occupation ad advanced digital that has infected more than 1.7 million computers to create a double fake used to defraud advertisers across the internet for years, with the generated revenues in the tens of millions of dollars, and refused the ministry to speed indictments against eight people claim they run advertising campaigns monopoly famous on the internet named 3ve and Methbot, and the Ministry of justice, these guys collect more than $ 36 million from companies they thought they were paying to put ads on internet sites, But these ads are not watched by any human being, alternatively, the use of the defendant’s farm servers, networks, bot net botnet to simulate a billion hits to pages real.

Reported the press release of the Ministry of justice that three of the alleged fraudsters Sergey Ovsyannikov Sergey Ovsyannikov and then Yevgeniy Timchenko, of Kazakhstan, and Alexander Zhukov Aleksandr Zhukov, from Russia, have been arrested during the last month from Bulgaria, Estonia, and Malaysia.

While still five others at large, namely, Boris the Boris Timokhin and Mikhail Andreev Mikhail Andreev Dennis free Denis Avdeev Dmitry Novikov Dmitry Novikov of Russia and Alexander Isaev Aleksandr Isaev of Kazakhstan.

Allegations include that the group was running two programs and the needs of discrete, allows the first Methbot, which received $ 7 million in the period between September 2014 and December 2016, where the alleged perpetrators are making deals with ad networks to place ads, then the use of more than 1900 server rented to simulate the measurement of internet users real visit to the web pages a bootleg and look at the ads.

While the second one is called the name of the 3ve, which seems to have got a amount of $ 29 million in the period between December 2015 and October 2018, which was based on similar principles of the program first, but instead of server farms, it uses a bot network bot-net full component of the 1.7 million infected PCs.

Included a list of companies that you know to celebrate some of the biggest names on the internet, including the New York Times The New York Times and Fox News Fox News and CBS Sports CBS Sports and the Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal, and content such as Facebook and Yahoo, and sites specialized like and AccuWeather.

Although the main targets were in the United States, but that news organizations in other countries also affected, and accused of charges related to fraud, money laundering, identity theft is a runner. and conspiracy to commit operations of the breakthrough to the computers, along with a number of other crimes, has been arrested as part of a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI and Department of Homeland Security DHS, and a group of private companies, including Google and antitrust advertising White Ops, which is revealed by the presence Methbot in late 2016.

The company White Ops at the time that the operators Methbot they have collected between 3 and 5 million dollars a day from advertisers, the company said that the software brings new levels full of innovation to the occupation through ads, and works on a large scale is unprecedented, which raised concerns of advertisers, where they questioned some of the analysts in these figures, and based on the charges issued by the Ministry of justice, the total cost doesn’t seem high to the extent that proposed by the original estimates, but it was still a process of large and complex long-term.

The gate Arab News Technical The Ministry of Justice reveal the details of one of the biggest scams ad

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