The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine has announced the launch of the project HypeUA

Yesterday, the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine has caused the hype information, suddenly announced a press conference called “the Hyperloop in Ukraine.” This event sparked the interest of many citizens, it is not surprising that at today’s event was a rush.

At the press conference came to Minister Volodymyr Omelyan together with an impressive team of associates. The first floor was taken by the Minister. He announced the creation of a Center for transportation innovation, which will deal with the implementation of the Hyperloop project in Ukraine – HypeUA.

“We established the Center for transportation innovation HypeUA, which is to create the first test site in the river,” – said the Minister of infrastructure. He also noted the importance of such initiatives in light of the substantial outflow of human resources from Ukraine. According to him, such projects must confirm the scientific-technical potential of our country and to attract young people.

During the press briefing were made by the representatives of all institutions and companies interested in the project. Among them I note the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), the state concern “Ukroboronprom”, Kakhovka plant of electric welding equipment southern machine-building plant, the company “Interpipe” and others.

The project HypeUA must go through three stages. During the first stage meets the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which will be involved in scientific evaluation of the project, its economic justification, etc. the Second stage – construction of a test site in the river where you will start Hyperloop. The third phase – construction and full project implementation.

Answering questions of journalists, V. Omelyan noted that if successful the first stage will begin negotiations with the company Hyperloop One. The initiators of the project seek international cooperation and hope to contribute to the development of the Hyperloop in the world.

In terms of the timeline, on the implementation of the first stage is given in 2018. If all goes according to plan, next year will start the construction of a test site in the river. About the project budget and necessary budget for its implementation is practically not saying anything. Just note that the Hyperloop project is significantly cheaper than building high-speed Railways. The head of “Ukroboronprom” said that according to preliminary calculations, the construction of infrastructure without rolling stock will cost $ 3 billion. In addition, the Minister said that HypeUA is a living private project. The government on its part manifests only initiative. In his opinion, only in private hands, it can be implemented.

By the way, who will be a partner and investor HypeUA, will depend on its focus on passenger or freight transport.

Overall, impressions of the press conference remained ambiguous. Of course, “tradepile” start screaming that the country has much more important areas that need to pour finances. “Peregovory” disapprove, fending off the fact that Hyperloop is a great prospect, we have the necessary capacity for its implementation, and Elon Musk and Richard Branson come to us on this occasion. And in fact, both sides are partially right, because obviously in our current situation, we suffer from the fact that you can’t get from Kiev to the Dnieper river in 20 minutes. Indeed, we lack such initiatives in more needy areas. But on the other hand this is a good Foundation for the future, the opportunity to offer the world new technologies. Therefore, it is not necessary to bury or, Vice versa, to praise the project, step by step he needs to prove his worth. And maybe in the near future we will actually be able to reach every corner of our country in a matter of moments.

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