The Ministry of communications has approved a bill to isolate the Russian Internet

In December 2018, the state Duma was introduced the bill, which implies the isolation of the Russian Internet from overseas servers. It is expected that thus the inhabitants of the country will be protected from data leaks. According to the Deputy of the Ministry of communications Oleg Ivanov, they support the bill and believe that it will be without problems passed on first reading. However, the official also noted that the project requires careful deliberation because of the abundance of controversial issues.

Российский интернет

It is planned that the Autonomous work of the Runet will be carried out with the help of some “technical means” to determine the sources of traffic. Roskomnadzor will have new powers, and operators will be required to comply with the requirements for traffic routing and to ensure centralized control. If necessary, block access to sites it will be possible not only to network addresses, but the closure of the traffic.

The Ministry of communications in 2016 planned to reach 99% of the turnover of the Russian traffic inside the country. The Ministry acknowledged that if you disable the foreign servers in the Internet may occur. In an interview to TASS on 24 December 2018, the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov has declared that any country must be prepared for isolation.

According to the experts of the working group “Communication and IT” to conduct research, the creation and maintenance of registry of exchange points, and the extension staff of the agencies of Roskomnadzor, and their training will require about 25 billion rubles. Also, the operators may have problems with Network, that too would require compensation. The experts also stressed that the text of the bill is not clear, what exactly is the threat towards the residents of the Russian Federation.

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