The miners found refuge in zcash for. Hasrat coins increased by 650 percent

While in the second half of last year, Hasrat Bitcoin went down, zcash for showing a steady upward trend. Bitcoin miners began to leave cryptomanager scene since the mid-2018, when the price of the dominant coin of the beginning of a rapid decline. In the end, Bitcoin has fallen by 82 percent from their historic high of 20 thousand dollars. Around October began to fall and Hasrat cryptocurrency, showing only a slight correction in mid-December. Looks like zcash for can be a haven for miners cryptocurrency.

According to the latest report Diar, cryptocurrency miners are flocking in zcash for for halving remuneration. Recall, zcash for identical Bitcoin remuneration policy. To the state of the world’s first cryptocurrency young coin still have at least 2 halving.

The graph of growth Hasrat zcash for. Source: Coingape

Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency zcash for it is a fork of the Bitcoin Protocol. It uses the zero knowledge proof, which guarantees the anonymity of the transactions. It appeared in October 2016. As can be seen in the annual graph above, Hasrat relatively new coins are not replaced by an uptrend.

Given the current daily remuneration 7200 ZEC, Hasrat have already risen by 650 per cent, while other cryptocurrencies are losing positions against a prolonged bear market. According to Coingape, now a community coin works on the so-called “diagram of the dual proof-of-work, where one algorithm is backward-compatible with current mining equipment, and the other designed for optimum performance, GPU time”.

If you are interested and to try to dig ZEC, please see the detailed instructions for its production.

More data look at cryptodata. Fresh course coins can be found in our classroom ranking of cryptocurrencies. For example, today ZEC asking 52,70 of the dollar, which almost coincides with the result of days old.

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