The miners became an obstacle in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Mining cryptocurrency has become so popular that miners are literally swept all powerful graphics cards from the shelves. Disgruntled gamers can’t find the right graphics card, and NVIDIA encourages sellers to restrict the sale of devices, letting go of one hand. But as it turned out, gamers not only affected by the activities of miners men. Recently, similar problems are faced by the specialists of the SETI project engaged in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. It turned out that the powerful graphics cards needed by the seekers of aliens, just not for sale, but their absence has a negative impact on failures of large amounts of data.

The issue drew the attention of one of the leading specialists of the project Dan Werthimer. According to him, experts from the SETI of the University of California at Berkeley wanted to buy new hardware to increase the computing power of the local Observatory, but the lack of graphics processors last version made it impossible for this upgrade.

“In order to perform the calculations as efficiently as possible, we need GPUs in the latest versions, but we just can’t find them — unavailable. This limits our ability to find aliens,” explained Werthimer.

The Professor also said that before his team with such problem did not face a deficit has been observed in the last few months. To improve the parameters of some of the telescopes involved in the search of aliens, scientists need to one hundred processors.

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI is engaged in 1959, but since then researchers have gone as far of traces of extraterrestrial civilizations to detect has not yet happened, but the search graphics cards will soon be able to succeed company AMD reports that it plans to build momentum to release more powerful graphics cards. Probably this will partially solve the problem.

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