The miner has reduced the cost of mining Bitcoins by 75 percent. What’s his secret?

Market conditions and the relatively high cost of electricity greatly reduced the profitability of cryptocurrency mining. During a bearish trend the miners are forced to seek more efficient power sources for their equipment.

Andera Christian post about his own cryptotermes solar became viral on Reddit. Now his example was followed by hundreds of other cryptoendoliths, because Ander has managed to cut production costs the crypt by as much as 75 percent.

The future of mining

It all started with the post of a cadese on Reddit. He boasted that, thanks to the installation of solar panels on the roof of his house, he has significantly increased the efficiency of production of digital assets.

Mining Bitcoin made me switch to solar energy. I just installed solar panels that feed my equipment throughout the day. My house is not only heated in this way, I was also able to reduce their costs by 75 percent.

We will remind, in November of 2018, analysts CoinShares Research published Wallpaper with the study of trends, costs and energy consumption of Bitcoin mining. According to the document, about 80 percent of all capacity cryptocurrency is concentrated in the regions with renewable sources of energy.

Thanks to new technical solution transition to solar panels may be a good investment in almost any scale. For example, the Cryptosolartech company engaged in the development of the infrastructures of large mining centers on renewable energy.

We expect 3000 specialized ASIC miners that can compete with the big pools. All thanks to the best equipment and technology. The machines are connected to photovoltaic installations, which make the extraction of the crypts most beneficial and effective.

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