The Mighty Vibe back again to bring service to Spotify without an internet

This theme Mighty Vibe back again to get service Spotify without internet appeared on Engadget.

Think streaming services music one of the most important and consumer services these days, so much so that access to the content contained on this service without internet connection now requires a subscription and support. There are also some times where the connection to the internet is weak or not available, this would make the broadcast of Music difficult. But it seems that the device Might 2.0 also known as the Mighty Vibe has the solution to this problem.

It was the launch of the first device and the Mighty in 2016, where it is acceptable to some extent broadcast service Spotify without internet, but it had many flaws which have been addressed with the new version Might Vibe.

The version of the Mighty Vibe with the first version completely and with a few minor changes, came the first release of the Mighty Black and white and orange, but for the Mighty Vibe, it’ll come in black, white and blue, red.

I’ve been improving the Bluetooth connection with the issuance of a Mighty Vibe, where the company calls the Bluetooth more reliable thanks to the new antenna. In the first version, was to put the device close to the headset to maintain contact, but with this new version has already been improving the scope of the Bluetooth much.


It also has improved battery life dramatically, unlike the Mighty One which was working until just five hours, you will be able The Mighty Vibe of the work over five hours.

If you already need these improvements, you should update to the Mighty Vibe immediately, they come the same price as the first version (85.99 USD) but they come in more color options.


This theme Mighty Vibe back again to get service Spotify without internet appeared on Engadget.

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