The microrobot was taught to move the living cells inside the body

For many years scientists are working to develop miniature robots that can work inside the human body. And until recently, these robots were considered only as tools for diagnosis, point treatment or trenirovannost drug delivery. But, as reported by the online edition of Science Robotics, a group of researchers from China were able to create a managed microbiota which can move inside the body of living cells.

The main problem which faced the scientists was that it is extremely difficult to create such a robot vehicle that would be able to retain the cells and to maintain their livelihoods and growth. A group of scientists under the leadership of Dong sun City University of Hong Kong have manufactured your robot using the method of three-dimensional laser lithography. Thus the photosensitive polymer used in the design is solidified in predetermined areas under the effect of a focused laser beam that allows to control the shape of the future robot.

To control the bot uses the magnetic field. The polymer frame of the bot created with the application of a 100-nanometer layer of Nickel, which makes it sensitive to magnetic fields. In addition, the robot deposited layer of titanium with a thickness of 20 nanometers for superior biocompatibility with cells and body, and test samples of bots have a size of from 70 to 90 micrometers.

At the 1 stage of research, the experts used the fibroblasts and mesenchymal cells of the living embryo of fish Danio rerio, moving them. After successful testing on the embryo, the researchers proceeded to the next phase: experimentation in vivo lab rats.

The surface of microbiota was covered with cancer cells having the properties of fluorescence. During transport, all the cells maintained their viability. In the course of the experiment revealed that the cells was freely separated from the bot after delivery to the desired organ. And then the cells themselves began to share and receive food.

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