The mechanism of action of GPS on your phone

No GPS or GPS one of the coolest features of modern smartphones, where we can learn our website how to go to our destination very easily, this technique works the same way despite the different phones, so let’s learn the mechanism of its action.

What is GPS for?

Is GPS short for Global Positioning System, Global Positioning System, a technology owned by the U.S. government under the auspices of the air force, it’s also free to use for anyone, and the technical using radio waves between satellites and the future of the inside the phones to provide position and time information for any application needs to use, where you don’t need the phone to send any information space, but you should be able to receive signals at least four satellites through your phone out of 28 satellite, to accurately determine your location.

Holds all the Satellite’s atomic Clock accurate, uses what appear to OF INFORMATION To send the encrypted signal time via frequency specific, and the future inside the phone collects the information from the Satellite with the stronger signal, to the future of the GPS in the phone converts this information to location and time in order to determine the location, the consumed level of the signal Cell Phones a lot of energy as you must avoid obstacles such as tall buildings to get a clear signal, that is the reason behind the development of the technology AGPS.

What is الـAGPS it?

Is AGPS short for Assisted Global Positioning System, any assistant Global Positioning System, which works to add information to the cell phone signal to the GPS signal to determine your location with greater accuracy and to avoid the problem of the GPS being slow and need to work permanently to avoid losing the signal, so you can use the signals exchanged between the phone towers and mobile networks to determine location with greater accuracy, but this accuracy depends on the signal strength of the towers, where it says applications on your phone to provide the network information for the future of the GPS on the phone, Which, after a switch between GPS signals and cellular phone in order to locate your report very thorough 50 meters to modify your site according to the various signals, although AGPS is completely free too, only that in order to work this technique you must use the internet connection of your phone instead of Wi-Fi.

Which is better?

Usually technology AGPS is a better choice most of the time, where they help to locate us permanently during the movement of the US without consuming a lot of energy, but the accuracy of AGPS is less than the accuracy of GPS position real, but it is good enough for most of our daily needs, as to minor adjustments when the GPS signal reception inside the technology AGPS help to increase the accuracy of positioning, but since AGPS depends on the network signal of the phone, we may find sometimes it is necessary to use GPS signals only, So I prefer to activate all options specify the location in your phone to do is report any technical the best to use depending on the strongest signals.

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