The market of electronic games Arab getting by these numbers

GP7 (3)

GP7 (3)

The firm revealed Jim Bauer ships specialized in the deployment and development of sales group exceeded the number of players in platform games mobile have 300 thousand Arab players, since entering the market of mobile games end of last year, until mid-April..

This growth and success thanks to the game masters of the company which were issued last December, which achieved numbers miss four times the company’s expectations, which refers to the growth of the market for mobile games is accelerating in parallel with increasing rates of use of smart phones in different states, contributed to increase the proportion of spending on video games.

Report showed earlier, it posted a Sensor Tower that smartphone users spent through 2017 of approximately $ 58.6 million on the Android apps and iOS, with the mobile games is about $ 48 million, these numbers indicate growth evident by 30% by 2016, in time acquiring the Apple Store for the largest share, for proceeds to US $ 30 million, holds the top spot on account of the proceeds of Android that up to $ 18 million.

Abraham explained Mr. Gaddafi, the level of business development in the company of Game Power 7, The Arab market is open to foreign companies, where the monitoring of the company recently the growing interest of foreign companies investing in the Arab market, not to decrease the percentage of risk to a minimum as a result of the existence of development companies locally possess sufficient knowledge of market requirements, and help foreign developers break the obsession with language that keep them away for a long time for the Arab public.

He died, that the Arab companies have managed to gain the trust of Arab football players through the creation of the ingredients of several, where to provide technical support to the Arab, and the doctor as a full alignment of the games, players drive the Arabs to move towards an Arab house, after they found him respectful of their culture, and their language, have noted that in the Arabic version of the game need FREE Panzer, which exceeded the numbers of registered 12 thousand users since its launch mid last January, a Development Studio Ross, has already achieved the edition of the original great turnout, found no counterpart in the Arab world.

The report confirms recent group of Super Data specialist, the increasing rate of spending players on games bus free by pressing, during the past five years, to US $ 22 million, while analysts expect the arrival of the profits of mobile games to $ 60 billion the end of 2018, is likely to exceed those profits barrier of $ 95 million in the year 2020.

It should be noted that the market for video games miss the birth on the ticket Windows film almost six times higher, at the rate of expenditure amounted to 38.6 billion USD in 2016, according to a study conducted by the motion picture of America (MPAA).

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