The Maps application Google Maps now works with the platform CarPlay in iOS 12

Apple CarPlay

System supports iOS 12 new from Apple apps maps third-party platform CarPlay, the company has set Google Now to update the Maps application Google Maps in order to activate the possibility to run the application maps this in-car platform of the company Apple.

You obviously need an iPhone running iOS 12 so you can run the application on the platform CarPlay. Head to the App Store the iTunes App Store to download or update Google Maps to latest version which Download Version 5.0. After that, you won’t be stuck with the mapping service Apple Maps of Apple in your car anymore.

In case you haven’t heard about Apple CarPlay before, it is a platform of Apple Automotive, is based on the same concept of Android Auto from Google. This product allows you to use some functions of your phone through the screen sensitive to touch in your car, namely the car.

It is worth mentioning that the mapping service Google Maps on the platform CarPlay is integrated with the digital assistant Siri, but it depends on the advantage of integrated voice search. This may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your opinion on Siri.

Because the navigation application works with your account in Google, you can save addresses such as work and home for quick access to directions. In the future, will Waze, a subsidiary of Google launching a new version of its application on iOS platform which will support the platform Apple CarPlay too.



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