The malicious program global targets more than half a billion router

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It is reported that the hackers who believe they are working in a nation-state they are injured as more than 500 thousand of WiFi routers home and small offices all over the world with malicious programs. Can use malware to intercept communications and attacks on others. May be these pirates are also able to destroy the devices designed to do one thing. This, according to the warning sent by the company Cisco, which refers to the malicious programs are fragmented, malicious programs multiple stages such as VPNFilter.

It is reported that the VPNFilter works on routers consumer provided by Linksys, MikroTik, Netgear and TP-Link, and the NAS devices provided by the NAP. Researchers found that Cisco that the infected machines were growing in 54 countries since at least the year 2016 and that they were watching her over the past few months. They added : ” in most cases, this procedure is not recoverable by most of the victims, which requires technical capacity, or technical knowledge, or tools are not expected to have the average consumer “.

It is believed that the attacks have increased dramatically over the past three weeks with an attack of two large said they were launched to target devices in Ukraine. Designed malware used in this attack to collect login credentials and get the powers of the supervisor. It also includes what can be called an attacker to turn off Internet access to countless people all over the world by disrupting the infected routers permanently.

According to one Advisor to Cisco, it has stated by saying : ” including that the affected devices are owned legitimately by companies or individuals, the activity of the malicious you are using the infected machines can be attributed by mistake to those who were the victims really the original product “.

Researchers are still unaware of how affected by these devices. Have sent Symantec cited by the identified target devices and those who own one of these devices, have advised their return the router to factory condition and change all default passwords.


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