The main type of wood affects the sound of the guitar?

Many musicians say that the acoustic guitar is capable of producing good sound only if it is made of the “right” tree. They usually involve an expensive wood, which is made from threatened extinction of trees. A new study suggests that it is — a misconception. Empirically, it was found that the type of wood from which the guitar does not affect its sound and convenience. For the most part, the quality of the instrument depends on its shape, size, strings used, and several other features.


The study was conducted by the staff of the British University of Lancaster. They contacted master built custom guitars Roger Bacalla of the company Flyde Guitars and asked him to make six acoustic instruments with steel strings. They were identical in size and shape and differed only in the type of wood used for the back and side plates.

For the manufacture of guitars were used:

  • Brazilian rosewood;
  • Indian rosewood;
  • mahogany;
  • Sapele wood;
  • maple;
  • the wood is walnut.

Made guitar with a different value was evaluated by a panel of 52 guitarists. They were opened in the dim room and saw the guitar what kind of wood they perform tunes. In the end it turned out that the musicians did not notice much of a difference between all six guitars. When they announced the list of the used wood and were asked to name what guitar they played, more than half of the volunteers answered incorrectly.

According to Professor Christopher Plaka, the result of the study proves that instead of the wood of endangered trees producers may use the cheaper options. The difference in sound, of course, is, but according to scientists it is insignificant.

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