The main specifications of the GeForce RTX 2060

Before the release of the older GeForce RTX could safely say that the most anticipated for many will be the model RTX 2060, as it will cost 200-300 dollars, and it is the hottest segment on the market of discrete graphics.

However, the maps Turing came out, and their prices have shown that all changed. Given that RTX 2070 ask at least $ 500, RTX 2060 is clearly not going to cost 200-300. It most likely will cost somewhere in the $ 350 and $ 400.

But, if you focus on fresh data, it will be very much around predecessor. So, according to the source, RTX 2060 will receive a 1920 CUDA cores and 6 GB of memory. Another source indicates the GPU clock to 1200 MHz but it’s kinda weird, too low a value.

So why RTX 2060 will exceed GTX 1060?

Look, let’s compare GTX RTX 1070 and 2070. At first the number of CUDA cores is 1920, and the second — 2304. Yes, the architecture is different, but it doesn’t matter now. We see that for a 20-percent difference in the number of execution units, the new card is ahead old for about 40%, which is cool, but the price ruins everything. But let’s continue. So we have 20% more CUDA cores, which gives us the performance boost of 40% (due to new architecture and frequencies).

And now remember, how many cores the GTX 1060 — them 1280. And RTX is 2060 1920, that is 50% more. Some simple calculations suggest that RTX 2060 will be almost twice as fast as the GTX 1060! However, this is will level RTX 2070, so in reality the gains will clearly be less, but it needs to be very impressive.

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