The main competitor of Tesla decided not to build a plant in the United States

In 2015, the company Faraday Future, which has long been considered the main rival of Tesla, Elon musk, had planned to invest in construction of a plant in the United States more than a billion dollars — for this the company bought 364 acres of land in the vicinity of Las Vegas. After almost four years, the Chinese car manufacturer has exhibited this land for sale, although was planning to use it for the new plant.

The station is estimated at $ 40 million, according to the publication South China Morning Post. It was phased out in 2017: then Faraday Future has suspended construction due to financial problems of the company LeEco, which is the main investor of the vehicle manufacturer. However, the solution was found — now Faraday Future is based on a closed tire factory Pirelli in California.

On the American factory of the Chinese company planned to release its first electric car FF91. Initially, the manufacturer wanted to produce the first batch in 2018, but something went wrong — or rather, all because of numerous lawsuits and the debts of the founder of the Faraday Future. At the same time the last investment round the company raised last year — has agreed with the Chinese holding Evergrande Health. But here everything went smoothly: after Faraday Future received $ 800 million of the 2 billion investment, she immediately asked for the remaining amount, even though the contract was to receive the money within two years. In the end, the investor has terminated the deal and the electric car was left without borrowed funds.

When Faraday was not a serious Future funding problems, many speculated that the company will be able to compete with Tesla. Several years ago the staff of Elon musk have just moved into a Faraday Future, but now engineers have recently worked in FF, go to work in the Tesla.

It seems that Faraday electric car Future will not appear in the sale, which is a pity, because the car displayed by the company at CES, could be a good competitor to Tesla. Despite the fact that the presentation was not very smooth characteristics of the car significantly exceeds the capabilities of the new Tesla. If you have something to say about this news — feel free to write in comments. Also don’t forget to join in our Telegram chatwhere at any time you can discuss topics with other readers of the site.

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