The main competitor best wallet revealed vulnerabilities in the wallets of the company

One of the main producers cryptocell Ledger described vulnerabilities in devices its main rival best wallet. A report published by analysts. At the time of writing, representatives of the best wallet you gave no comment on the study.

Security holes

The study was conducted white hat hacking company division in the Attack Lab. Special Ledger Department is engaged in hacking devices both their own and foreign production. Professionals are doing it out of practical motives, a hacker attacks the easiest way to identify vulnerabilities of a device.

The representatives of the Ledger said that repeatedly notified the management about the best wallet you found bugs in One and wallets best wallet best wallet T. However, competitors have not answered all the queries of the company, so the results of studies decided to publish.

So, the first vulnerability is the possibility of installing a backdoor on the wallets for the purpose of their subsequent resale. Fraudsters often remove the protective mark, which guarantees the originality of the purse.

The Ledger hackers allegedly were able to calculate the value of a PIN on devices best wallet in November 2018. Fortunately, this security hole is already closed — programmers best wallet has released a patch problem in patch 1.8.0.

Ledger analysts also argue that a key element of the purses can be changed on the chip, thereby obtaining access to the contents. A crook with physical access to the device also allegedly able to steal the crypt owner. Finally, libraries do not have the best wallet of countermeasures against hardware attacks.

Source: Bitcoinist

We will remind, in November of 2018, the representatives of best wallet has warned its clients about the distribution of batches of counterfeit purses. Fortunately, there were no serious incidents of burglary. More information search in our cryptodata.


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