The MacBook Pro was revealed new structural defect

Alas, now the MacBook Pro is difficult to name good and reliable computer. On the latest models covered just three (!) the extended repair program. Users around the world face challenges when working with a keyboard, out of order, SSDs and batteries. It would seem that on this topic of deficiencies should be closed. However, Apple’s laptops have identified one critical disadvantage.

The issue affects all MacBook Pro released after 2016. The fact that Apple has changed the length of the train for the matrix, making it much shorter. This resulted in a very unpleasant consequence — the daily opening of the lid more than 120 degrees, there is a strong tension of the cable. Over time, this can lead to the fact that the MacBook Pro screen stops functioning, if the tilt angle is greater than 90 degrees.

The problem illustrated here:

Hard to say, it is connected with desire of the company to save on components or is it just the constructive miscalculation of engineers. However, the problem is really massive record owners of the “problem” computers can be found in Twitter, Reddit, the official Apple community. The RUB is in the fact that the problem appears only after a couple years of use when the warranty on the computer already does not apply.

At the moment Apple has not acknowledged the problem, and users are forced to repair at their own expense. What is particularly interesting in this case is not the replacement of the ribbon cable, and installed a completely new screen with the same “problem” with cable. The cost of this procedure in the Apple Store and ASTs is $ 600.

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